Along Life’s Mysterious Path!

A beautiful rainbow a starry, starry sky another walk along life’s mysterious path! 🌈…🌄…🌈…🌃…🌈 A DonyazCorner Reblog It’s a new day with new light new possibilities and a new way for you to walk a clean path. Do it, take that walk-Donnie Sharrell Corner Quote

My Dog, Pee Wee, That Barked With A Definite Lisp!

Of a Past September Night: As a child: I once had a Eskimo Spitz that barked incessibly with a definite lisp! Pee Wee was originally white as snow and hardly ever allowed to run and go! Pee Wee was mostly shut in a barn or chained to her doghouse away from life and harm. She…

The Dog Ate The Book!

This is a book. It is a book I found in a box. I found the box in the attic. The box was in the attic, under the eaves. The attic was hot and still. The air was stale with dust. The dust was from old pictures and books. The dust in the air was…

What Would Freud and Kermit The Frog Think!?

A reply from Rethinking Scripture to my post, The Blogging Chaos Theory! Oh my goodness!! Just a thought, I wonder what Freud would have said about your artwork!? Well!? Surely Freud would never wear a Santa Suit!  Not even in his wildest, lucid dreams, you see! In Freud’s view, my humor and artwork happens when…

The Complete Theory of NADA!

Desperate times often require desperate posts! In your life walk seeking the next level of anything First be DEEP in what you think! Once DEEP be INTELLIGENT Customize your intelligence to be the Most Advanced Yet Acceptable that you seek! Thirdly Make sure it’s COMPLETE not un-Intelligent unfinished Deep! Then move forward EMPOWER that which…

Somewhere Over That Rainbow They Dare To Care!

A Blast From the Past! ************ Somewhere … Over That 👉🏻 Rainbow … People occasionally dare! … Yes … Somewhere … Over That 👉🏼 Rainbow … some dare to get off their chair! … Oh! Yes! Somewhere … Over That 👉🏾 Rainbow… instead of the elevator… some fare to walk the stairs! … Again! Somewhere…

Ghosts, No Mythbusters!

We Are All Basically Brown Black Yellow White Straight First Out of The Gate and/or Gay! Mystic clouds in the sky Will August bring Good times Bad times or Coronavirus More of The Same Kinds? Or Maybe Just Hurricanes Heat Humidity in Florida More of The Same Times!?

Life’s Serious Lessons!

A Cute Judy Lee post for you and me! Life can be very difficult to handle. We can get hurt and we are always trying to succeed. We should be honest and loyal. We should be loving and … Life’s Serious Lessons!

The Walk of Love!

Everyone is important! Everyone is different in their own special way. We can help each other in many ways. Yes, we can support each other. Every person has a very special purpose. We have to be there for each other, always! Life does get very difficult at times. That’s when we have to be there…

Free in the Headlights of Life!

You are in there somewhere Where you and your herd roam Within the imposing deep dark forest is your concealed and safe home 🌑 You are our neighbour… Free I’m Just a dear deer in the headlights of life with the brightest of bright lights coming from my wife! Really?