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The Purview of a Special Few

Many have said before: blazing the path for me and others to follow.

So! I’ll say it my way,

We are what we did and thought in the past!

We will become what we think and do from this point forward!

Blah, blah, blah!

So I believe that …

We can walk, talk and think our way into a better future!

For me, it’s lifestyle that seems to count!

What I Eat!

What I Drink!

What I Think!


What I Do!

It’s not just ‘The Ten Steps …. To Here!’

I fear!

It’s not just ‘The Seven Ways …. From There!’

Again! Do You Hear?

And it is not just ‘The Purview of a Special Few,’ coming from my mouth, book or video to you!


(They Inspire You To Action …)



To me, it’s

Get off your duff!

Take your ‘Life Act’ into the rough!

And Again,

Walk, Talk, Do and Think Your Way into a ‘Glorious’ New You!

Well, I’ve loss a lot of unnecessary fat over the past year!

I’ve also made it a point to loss a doctor or two!

Dropped most of my meds except for two! But reduced their dosage you see!

And at my last doctor’s visit, he looked at my bloodwork and asked

How did you do this?

What did you do!?

Well, you see doctor,

I’m afraid that what I did …

Well, you see…

It’s just the ‘Purview of a Special Few!’