The Agony of Being a Bi-Paw-er Dog!

Especiallyif she be an overly emotional left-pawed Emotional Support Dog! Living with Here’s Johnny From “The Shining” movie Who be Bi-Sicilian! As you probably already know, REDRUM is MURDER spelled backward! As is DLORAH which is HAROLD spelled backward. As Oreo barks “Bow Wow, Oy Vey!”

A Sea of Blue Skies Reblog

Never Do TodayWhat you can Procrastinate and Never Do Tomorrow! Hopefully dear reader, by the time that this post is up, my essay will have figured out how to write itself, references will be arranged … The Grief Reality… A Sea of Blue Skies

Just a Flicker of Lies!

Three tall towers in NYC did so miraculously happen to fall ‘free fall’ on 9/11… Jeffrey Epstein did so happen to commit apparent suicide, having been ‘on but then off’ suicide watch as the camera that watched his cell went blank and the guards did not visit every 30 minutes or so as required just…… Continue reading Just a Flicker of Lies!

It’s Just Antique Unique!

Older Homes are neat antique. Older homes are better built. History echos from the past. And even an occasional Ghost. What a Blast! Read the PatientandKindLove post: They moan as darkness settles in, Some say it’s pipes and floorboards, Settling as they cool. But we all know the… the house is alive! Now the attic…… Continue reading It’s Just Antique Unique!

“The Damn News at 11”

Your Typical Network Doodle News Reader (usually formally a Weather Reader): “News at 11″An expression of total non-surprise at the revelation of something that is supposedly new and/or exciting, but is actually old hat. Often used in a sarcastic context. Person A: “A new report just released says that the sky is blue.” Person B:…… Continue reading “The Damn News at 11”

Let it Rain, Rain … Rain! ☔️

Weather forecastingcan indeed be a pain forecast partly cloudy you get gusty winds and six inches of rain … Rain … RAIN! 🌥…🌧…💨…💧💦💦 Former USAF Weather Observer and 12 years as a Weather Officer and Weather Forecaster! Hindcasting is surely much, much better given that butterflies flapping their wings affects the weather!

Boring? Not Enough Sugar and Tasty Junk Food!

Bored? Just add too much sugar, spice & everything not otherwise healthy and nice! Ah, to be healthy, wealthy and wise! Not fat, dumb, stupid, poor as a church mouse and otherwise! For a healthy body & brain start by cutting back the sugar, practicing a healthy lifestyle and adding:Seafood Greens Nuts Beans and Occasionally…… Continue reading Boring? Not Enough Sugar and Tasty Junk Food!

Genius, Fool or Ghoul?

The Thoroughly Misunderstood Blogger: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it’s limits.” – Albert Einstein “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln “Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them…… Continue reading Genius, Fool or Ghoul?

Coronavirus, the Devil and The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)

Why, Oh Why, This Opinionated Post?The Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan, is a nation of approximately 24 million souls. Yet it is only recognized as a nation by 14 out of 193 United Nations member states, as well as the Holy See. Historically, the ROC has required its diplomatic allies to recognise it as the sole legitimate…… Continue reading Coronavirus, the Devil and The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)


WORLD WAR III HAS BEGUN AND WE ARE UNAWARE Great analysis: China has been buying up the world with money and threats. They have shown that they will do almost anything to reach their goal of World Economic, Political and Military Dominance. The only good that could come out of the coronavirus pandemic is if…… Continue reading WORLD WAR III HAS BEGUN AND WE ARE UNAWARE