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What Did Einstein Really ‘C’?

Updated reblog:

Some of the greatest insights have been born in dreams!

Movie outlines have been formed; song melodies heard; and many of the greatest discoveries in human history realized.


Even Albert Einstein, himself, finally had his ultimate breakthrough in a dream!

He went to bed thinking about …….

E = m … d … 2

And by God, what really did he finally ‘C’?


This post seems like a lot of empty space!

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Let Barking Dogs Lie!

What are all those dogs barking at anyway?

Are they barking at shadows?

Maybe entities, spirits, or energy that doesn’t belong here?

Normal barking at cats, strangers, passing cars…

Blank walls, yards or nothing in particular at all!

Do they bark because they’re afraid of the dark?

Bark at something standing in a corner but otherwise nothing visible?

And why does Oreo sometimes look at me and aggressively bark like I’m a stranger which I’m surely not!

They hear things we never hear. Maybe they’re attuned to see things we rarely ever see.

Nothing personal … hopefully nothing paranormal …

Yes! What are all those dogs barking at?

The simple answer is, we don’t know!!!

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Apocalypse Cow … the Barnyard!

Kentucky Barnyard Quotes:

Colonel Daisy: I love the smell of mydung in the pasture.

Lt Quacky: Ducks don’t surf.

Captain Porky: Disneyland! Fuck, this shitty pig style smells better than Disneyland.

A Chicken: The Horror … The horror …

Sarge: I’m just an Erin Clerk … used to collect chicken and duck bills.

Chief: So whaddya wanna do? Eat the chicken … kill the duck?

Colonel Daisy: I love the smell of mysweet flatulence in the morning.

The Olde Farmer Macdonald Guy: You’re wacko, man … it’s fuckin’ pig shit idolatry!

Sarge: Hell! The bullshit is piled so high in this barnyard, you need ‘finger licking chicken’ wings just to stay above it.

Chief: Some day the chicken slaughter gotta end.

Another Chicken: The horror … The horror-able horror!

Major General List: Fumigate!!! With extreme prejudice!

Colonel Daisy: This damn milking gotta stop someday. My udders have been stretched to the limit!

Another Chicken: The horror … the udder horror …

Sgt. Squirrelly: I watch this damn snail crawl ever so slowly along the cow’s back … That’s my dream. Am I nuts?

Colonel Daisy: This is the end!

Lone Surviving ‘Free Range’ Chicken: The End!?

Colonel Daisy: Yes! Kiss it … No peck, peck, peck it, please!

Finger Licking Chickens Everywhere: This really is the horror … Yes! It’s really

‘The Cow’s Behind!’


Do the Funky Chicken! Pretty Please!


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Modern Stuffed Animal Acupressure With Cute Judy Lee!

Acupressure/Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of finger/needle pressure at very specific points on the body. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body’s energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.

Learn the acupressure points for each particular stuffed animal!

For a happier and healthier stuffed animal!

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I May Be Small ……

The year was 1966. I went back to South Jersey for a weekend away from Penn State “Happy Valley.” Four friends and myself had stopped at a local bowling alley for a game or two.

For some unknown reason a tall, dark, menacing man came over to our group and picked me out as the one who needed a beating for sure!

Realizing that my friends would be of no help, I had to do something quickly. So I looked him directly in his blood shot eyes and firmly stated:

I may be small …

But I’m weak!!!

The man stopped in his tracks; laughed; and then just walked away with a smile on his face.

My crazy sense of humor had saved my sorry ass that particular day!

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Go Ahead. Talk to Yourself!

What do you really think of people who go around talking aloud to themselves!?

Do you think their crazy? Do you, huh!?

Well! New research has shown that people who talk to themselves are actually more intelligent in general!


And the people who make fun of the people who talk to themselves?


Maybe it’s because they have little or nothing to say!

Even to themselves!


And why are all those naked people standing in front of the poor man in the padded cell!?

Shock therapy!!!