When the Rains End!

When the rains endWhen the dark clouds part May the glorious Sun shine down and Warm your healing heart! And may the sun shine down and heal our nation’s and Surfside’s heart! A revisit to a previous post…🤗 Holy G says;We all need to be reminded that some day, sometimes sooner than we might think,…… Continue reading When the Rains End!

I’m Going Home!

I like to roam …… But there is nothing better Than going home! Yes! The world is a wondrous mansion, a house, with many nooks, crannies, rooms and unusual places to roam. But there is really only one special place in my heart. And that special place is my home.

It is Love and Grace!

It is Love and Gracethat leads her to the Door. Not Nature that’s for sure. 💫✨💫 Her soft handtouches hard, cold stone. Wind swirling, she stands alone. 💫✨💫 She holds inwardlysilent cries for her child. Yet still manages a faint, but loving, mother’s smile! 💫✨💫 But didn’t Love and Gracelead her to that Door!? 💫✨💫…… Continue reading It is Love and Grace!

Spooky Sunday Fun Day!

Three wee lassies: Amy, Pippie and Julie; circa 1974; transfixed at the living room window! Try as they might. What are these lassies looking at so intensely? Things that go ‘knock in the night,’ ghostly frights, stranger things, or something just ‘out of sight?’ The Three Diaper Musketeers!Is this really cute, funny and/or scary? Well,…… Continue reading Spooky Sunday Fun Day!

A Summer Meadow Rerun Reblogged!

Just a lonely tree in the meadow. “Oh, woe is me,” pines the lonely tree! First, the “Doodle that Became a Reproduction” done at an Arts & Frame Shop. But then it longed for and finally became an ‘Honest to God’ oil painting! Dah! Yes, woe is me for that confused meadow tree: personality versus polish? Do…… Continue reading A Summer Meadow Rerun Reblogged!

So, Let It Be!

When a glorious Angel comes to me a Light in this world I will see! A Brilliant glow will shine all over me! Yes! That is the Answer So, Let It Be!

Do You Only Believe In What You Can See!? 👀

Yes! Some proudly proclaim loudly non-belief …. in their own non-religious, religious way! Yes! They proselytize loudly and proudly for all to hear! I don’t believe in a God or a Creator. Well, maybe an all-knowing equation as many knowing scientists seem to believe. I don’t believe in a God; Heaven or Hell; an afterlife;…… Continue reading Do You Only Believe In What You Can See!? 👀

The Music in My Life!

The music in my life helps me weather life’s storms. It plays harmonies when I’m awake or asleep with a glorious story to be told. Each song each harmony each melody whether light or whether bold lifts my aching heart calms my restless spirit soothes my weary soul! Butterflies Are Free! 🦋🦋🦋

Those Ghostly Ways!

Do we sometimes spend our days haunted by the ghosts of our parent’s ways? Who themselves were maybe haunted in a similar way. And ‘around and around’ it goes to our dismay! But for those doctors and psychiatrists it’s a bonanza payday!

I Liked You the Way You ‘Used To Be!’

You ‘used to be’ nice.Just a regular guy. But you’ve changed. You see! I don’t know you anymore. You’ve gone away. Yes! You’re not a regular guy. Like you ‘used to be!’ Anyhow! Anywhere! Anymore! You see! ************ Brilliant! Really!? My wife just gave me the lyrics for my next song. Wait a minute. I…… Continue reading I Liked You the Way You ‘Used To Be!’