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For Once In This Post! 🎼🎹🎷

Inspired by the song, For Once in My Life! A swing song written by Ron Miller and Orlando Murden for Motown Records’ Stein & Van Stock publishing company, and first recorded in 1965.

It was first recorded by Barbara McNair, but first released in 1966 by Jean DuShon. Other early versions of the ballad were issued by The Four Tops, The Temptations, Diana Ross and Tony Bennett, whose recording was the first to reach the pop charts.

And yes! Who can forget Stevie Wonder!


This is my rendition recently released by Bastardized Records, LLC!


For once in (this post) …

I have something (maybe) worth (posting)

Something (surely lacking) (before) …

For once (unabashed)

I can go

where (this post) leads me

and somehow I know (I’m not wrong)

For once I can (write)

what my heart (could only scheme) of …

Long before I knew …

(Ouch) …

Someone (informed or deformed)

like you …

(Oh) my dreams

(have finally) come true!

For once in (this post)

I won’t let (bad vibes sting) me

Not like they’ve (Ouch) …

(stung) me before

For once I have someone

I (hope) won’t

(eventually unfollow) me …

(So) I’m not

(Hopeless and Friendless In Seattle)



Actually I’m old and senile and live in South Florida!

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A Snobbish Review!

The Coyote Beast

The Pact

J. Glick definitely

has your back!

Wayward Pines

a Catholic school

being an Episcopalian

does not make you a fool!

Dissociative Identity Disorder

the power of the brain,

M Night Shyamalan

has the Sixth Sense

and grunts in vain!

The world is surely full

of uneducated educated fools!

All you need do

is look at me

as I do often

tend to

slobber and drool!

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It is Love and Grace!

It is Love and Grace

that leads her to the Door.

Not Nature

that’s for sure.


Her soft hand

touches hard, cold stone.

Wind swirling,

she stands alone.


She holds inwardly

silent cries for her child.

Yet still manages a faint,

but loving, mother’s smile!


But didn’t Love and Grace

lead her

to that Door!?



So Love and Grace

will surely fill her,

Even More!

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When the Posts End!

When the posts end

When the dark poems part

May the glorious

Sunshine Awards cease to

Warm your aching heart!


Didn’t you write something like that before!?

Like a couple of days ago!?


LOL or better yet ……

up URS!