My Most Sacred Sabbath Traditional Delights!

For telepathic fat catsthose strapped in straitjackets tight swinging “tennis-anyone” racket sights pensive on a Moon-lite quiet lonely night and especially for Heliophilecooksandwrites … and those in dire need of sanitary hand wipes! ************ My Sicilian grandmother’s “most holy” standard Saturday fare was surely not there!

We Desperately Need Some Adult Supervision!

Last night, we had what can loosely be labeled a debate? I basically heard and, God help me, saw arrogance, rudeness and an ugly, ugly disgraceful face! Are we One Nation Under God or a nation divided against itself, concerning policies, freedom and race? Just an embarrassment and a disgrace? I’m sick of it all:…… Continue reading We Desperately Need Some Adult Supervision!

Scribble Me Softly Sunday!!!

How does a random scribble become warmed-over dribble? Yes! If I only I knew what to say. So scribble me softly as thus do I begin another day with my trusty sword by my side or sides proudly singing “Onward Marching Woodblocks!” So hey … it’s Sunday … let’s pray! The Artless Poet… Does say!