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Go Ahead. Talk to Yourself!

What do you really think of people who go around talking aloud to themselves!?

Do you think their crazy? Do you, huh!?

Well! New research has shown that people who talk to themselves are actually more intelligent in general!


And the people who make fun of the people who talk to themselves?


Maybe it’s because they have little or nothing to say!

Even to themselves!


And why are all those naked people standing in front of the poor man in the padded cell!?

Shock therapy!!!

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The Magical, Mystical Blogger!

Clair • voy •’ant:

Supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

I finally figured out why so many bloggers can ‘Like’ so many posts without apparently even seeing, opening or reading/listening to them!

We have become an ever-expanding community of clairvoyant bloggers!

We are blogging on the Dark Side, Far Side, Outer Limits: anticipating the Seven O’Clock News which we already knew happened!


Just an Alien Nation 

making Quantum Leaps 

and posting our Amazing Stories 

in our Time Tunnel 

Voyage To the Bottom 

of the WordPress Sea!

Or is that ‘C‘…!?

The Blogging Twilight Zone (Season 6, Episode 6-6-6).

But you already knew that!

Didn’t You?