Just Some Nature Stuff!

Just some Mother Nature droppingspicked up along the way on my morning walk around Weldon Circle one day! Add a couple Emojis and you have an underwater scene near Coconut Bay! ———— A song noted by Rethinking Scripture: Isn’t there a song about Coconut Bay? Hmmmm…. …… Coconut Bay Song Lyrics by: Sugar Ray!Down in…… Continue reading Just Some Nature Stuff!

He’s Just a Handy, Dandy, Rough-and-Ready Wader Type!

He’s Surely Back!Just a posh high-fashion wetlands prowler seen across Eurasia. A marsh wader loyal to his lek. Or is it, he likes to take a lek?Yes! It’s really ‘independents day’ for this dandy male fellow all fluffed-ruffed and lekking for a frightful mock fight. Yes!Trying as he might to entice a visiting softer female…… Continue reading He’s Just a Handy, Dandy, Rough-and-Ready Wader Type!

It Was Surely ‘Love at First Bark!’ ♥️💕❤️

Now… Oreo doesn’t cotton toother dogs … you see! When she spots any other dog she goes crazy Havanese! Barking, yelping, pulling at her lease wanting to attack “that other dog” crazy!But when she spotted this one particular white charismatic Shih Tzu dog ……And when he dared to show her his tongue …… It was…… Continue reading It Was Surely ‘Love at First Bark!’ ♥️💕❤️

The Green “I’m Free at Last” Rock!

I did, indeed, encounter a funny thing during my morning unconstitutional walk! I literally found myself: Between a Green Rock and a Strange Hard Place! But eventually God did intervene to the Rock’s delight! Free! Free! Free at last! Oh! Thank God! I’m Emoji Free … At Last!Martin Luther Green Rock, Jr

A Beef-Jerky Eating Jungle Jerky Monkey!

An absent-simple-minded simian eating beef jerky and not long for this Earthy! A wolf in the bush anticipating a tasty monkey bushmeat rush! Yes…… Beef jerky and monkey bushmeat are the perfect salty jungle snack. They come in a variety of flavors (teriyaki jerky, anyone?) and have a long shelf life. That is if you…… Continue reading A Beef-Jerky Eating Jungle Jerky Monkey!

A Cringeworthy Sunday Leaf Reading Stamp!

Just found two leaves on the front door rug.A lot of tongue I did see. French Leaves they must be! Yes! I do see, a Forever Stamp of all things! Desperation does so abound!And speaking of stamps, below are butterflies and otherwise going postal! Leaves? What leaves? They look more like dumb Potato Heads to…… Continue reading A Cringeworthy Sunday Leaf Reading Stamp!

It’s Time for Healthy Brain Food…

And we sure do need healthy brains or we’d be insane! So, eat more: Seafood Greens Nuts Beans and Some occasional dark chocolate.But I don’t see dark chocolate in the picture of the weight-lifting Fitbit Brain! To elaborate, Dr. Drew Ramsey presented his simple rhyme for remembering a healthy brain-food diet: Seafood, greens, nuts, and beans (and some occasional dark…… Continue reading It’s Time for Healthy Brain Food…

Evergreens If I May

Evergreens and the incursion of civilization! Conflicting Data: How Fast Is the World Losing its Forests? The latest UN report on climate says reducing deforestation is crucial to slowing global warming. But researchers must first reconcile two contradictory sets of statistics on tree loss in order to determine whether promises made by nations to protect…… Continue reading Evergreens If I May