The Music in My Life!

The music in my life helps me weather life’s storms. It plays harmonies when I’m awake or asleep with a glorious story to be told. Each song each harmony each melody whether light or whether bold lifts my aching heart calms my restless spirit soothes my weary soul! Butterflies Are Free! 🦋🦋🦋

Those Days of Vines and Posies With You!

The days of vines and posies we laughed and skipped away like flower buds at play… Through the meadow toward the outhouse door… A door marked “give me more” that wasn’t there before! The lonely nights disclose a passing breeze… Filled with memories of your golden smiling teeth… That, damn it, introduced me to The…

Just One … Please!

I posted my best But I guess my posts weren’t good enough Cause here I am: few likes no comments like before Seems nothin’ ever changes I’m back to being friendless Wondering if I ought to blog Or delete and just walk off the WordPress floor Just One Can’t figure what I keep doodling wrong…

International Christian Film and Music Festival Awards Ceremony!

Amy Barbera: Dad here is the new post & video I put up from the ICFF Awards this past Saturday where I was Nominated for “Artists of the Year”… The announcer pronounced my (our) last name wrong in the video as you will see!!!!! AWARDS VIDEO-2020 ICFF AWARDS- AMY BARBERA    ************ AMY’S NEW MUSIC…

Art’s Hidden Devine Secrets!

Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine. …… Ludwig van Beethoven

Amy Barbera’s Awards Video

In Year 2019 & Early 2020 I Found Out That My “MAKE ME A BUTTERFLY” 🦋 MUSIC VIDEO Was Chosen For Several BIG AWARDS & SELECTIONS For 5 Different Film & Music Festivals All Over The World!!! 🎶😊🏆🌎🎶 I’m Blown Away & So Touched That So Many Of The Festival Judges Selected My Special Music Video & Song! 🎶😊🎶……..

Let Me Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme!

The rhymes fall through the sorrow that surely surrounds me The sun can never lift the mist that lays all around me Let me rhyme, let me rhyme Let the rhymes come out of me Let me rhyme, let me rhyme Let me rhyme, rhyme, rhyme My life was like a flower burning in the…

As Blogs Goes By

“As Time Goes By” Casablanca Dooley Wilson rolling in his grave: ———— 🎹🎼 You must remember this A (post) is just a (post) A (reply) is just a (reply) The fundamental things apply As (blogs) goes by And when two (bloggers) woo They still say “(Sheesh to) you” On that you can rely No matter…

Try A Little Tender Rest!

👍 Oh, I sometimes Do get weary Down in the dumps weary Trying so hard to impress But when I get so weary All I need is a little Much needed tender rest Yeah yeah *********** Based on “Try a Little Tenderness” Song by Otis Redding

Just Blowing in the Blog!

How many posts must this poor man post Before they ‘like’ him I fear How many words must he tearfully pen Before they give him a hand How many times must those pathetic words be written Before he’s not forever banned Oh yeah let me tell you that The answer, my friend, is not blowing…