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Killing Me Softly … With Hard Salami! ๐ŸŽผ…๐ŸŽธ…๐ŸŽท

A Parody inspired by the song, Killing Me Softly, as sung by Roberta Flack!

Peeling off the salami slices with my fingers

on bread with brown mustard I thee make

Killing me slowing that salami

Killing me softly that processed meat

Shortening my whole life maybe by years

Killing me softly with it’s calories, fat, sodium and pork and beef!


I do love that salami!

And so does Cute Judy Lee and Oreo the emotional suppot dog … a Cuban Havenese!

Good grief!!!

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Cute Judy Lee Song!

Recently bought an Electronic Keyboard and therefore like to play with my organ.

So to speak!

No lessons, just playing without rhyme, reason or spicy seasonings!

This is a tune I like to call ‘Cute Judy Lee’ humming as she merrilly strolls down the lane you see!

Aware that few or if any will even listen or see!

Check out โ€œCute Judy Leeโ€ by โ€œHal Barberaโ€ on #BandLab โ€“

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Just Blowing in the Blog!

How many posts must this poor man post

Before they ‘like’ him I fear

How many words must he tearfully pen

Before they give him a hand

How many times must those pathetic words be written

Before he’s not forever banned

Oh yeah let me tell you that

The answer my follower is not blowing in this blog

The answer is not blowing in this blog!

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Roll Me Over to the Bed!

Inspired, as many of my posts are, by my wife. Cute Judy Lee. Who in her wheelchair asked, “Can you please roll me over to the bed?”

This has been an inspiration for a new 21st Century White Spiritual:


Imagine you’re listening to or part of a majestic choir, say the Mormon Tavern ‘Holly Mackerel’ Choir!


Roll Me Over to the Bed!


Roll Me Over

in my wheelchair

Roll Me Over

through the bedroom

to the bed!

Roll Me Over

in my wheelchair

Roll Me Over

So I can crawl snugly

back in bed!

So ……

Roll Me Over

If you please!

Roll Me Over

On your knees!

Roll Me Over

Through the Clover!

Roll Me Over

Through the weeds!

Roll Me Over

Roll Me Over

Roll Me Over

Roll Me Over


In my wheelchair

Through the bedroom

To my bed

If You Please!!!


Amen … Amen … Amen!!!

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Just One…๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽผ … Please!

I posted my best
But I guess my posts weren’t good enough
Cause here I am: few likes no comments like before

Seems nothin’ ever changes
I’m back to being friendless
Wondering if I ought to blog
Or delete and just walk off the WordPress floor

Just One

Can’t figure what I keep doodling wrong
Why my posts never ‘sing a song’
Yes! What am I doodling wrong

Just One

Can’t figure how to finally “write it right”
Make the dopamine last for more than just one like
If I could just get to it
I know I could finally break through it
(Hmm hmm)

Just One …………

I do want to understand
Why I’m firing blanks posting crap
Why … can’t I get myself in hand
And admit to myself, my wife and my mother
That I’m no good as a blogger
Take my best and spread the butter
Find a way to get my shit together


Can’t I find a way to finally “write it right”
Make the dopamine last for more than just one like
I know I could break through it
If I could just get a few followers, reads, likes, and comments


Whoa oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh …… I can get to it

Juuuuussssttttt one!


๐Ÿ‘ ……๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ


Isn’t this downright plagiarism!?

Say what!?

Somewhat like a James Ingram and Quincy Jones Song

Songwriters: Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
ยฉ DYAD Music Ltd

Please donate on my blog to help me cover my legal fees!

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As Blogs Goes By

“As Time Goes By”


Dooley Wilson rolling in his grave:



You must remember this
A (post) is just a (post)
A (reply) is just a (reply)
The fundamental things apply
As (blogs) goes by

And when two (bloggers) woo
They still say “(Sheesh to) you”
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As (blogs) goes by


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Delicate Flower So Beautiful

Amy Barbera’s Song “Flower” Lyrics:

You’re Blowing In The Wind To and Fro
Beautiful Flower To Fragile To Stand.
But Don’t You Give Up.
Don’t You Wither Away!
For You Will Bloom In Full Someday.
Trust In The Sun.
Bathe In The Rain.
Renew Your Soul.
For Soon God’s Love
Will Heal You, My Friend!
Dad Here is the video “Flower”