To Diet or Not to Diet?

“To Diet or Not to Diet” Those are the options. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind  to suffer the burbs and belches of outrageous gorging, Or to take arms against that sea of blubber, And, by lifestyle changes, loss it!” ****** ****** ****** Yes! Diet and live by always thinking, doing and saying: D … id…

Truthfulness is the Way to Go!

From the Pen of Cute Judy Lee: Being truthful and honest in life is very important. Honesty is very needed, always. God wants us to live life in a very honest manner. So being kind…continued Truthfulness is the Way to Go!

We Need More Laughter in Life!

From the Pen of Cute Judy Lee: Laughter is very important to help life to go well. It may help our health. It makes life happy. It creates much joy. We need more laughter on our life, indeed! — Read on

Today’s Health Tip on Balance!

We all need balance in our life. Remember, you are what you ‘eat, drink, think, do, and may I add do-do!’ I’ve asked doctors, “During your 8 years of medical school were there any courses on health, nutrition, the mind-body connections and a healthy lifestyle?” After a blank stare they would say, “No. We have…

Save the Planet! Reuse Your Art!

For a more mentally, healthier you! But haven’t I seen this stuff before? Maybe! But it is different in it’s own reusable way. And very few bloggers have seen anything of mine before anyhow, anyway! And World! The Lion peeps tonight!

Love Is! ❤️…❤️…❤️

Love Is … Oh, So Important Love Is … What Keeps Us Alive Love Thrives … Love Never, Ever Dies Love Gives Us Faith To Survive Love is … The Best Thing Life Has To Offer Anywhere … Anytime! — Read on❤️-❤️-❤️/

Believe In Your #Selfie!

Ha, ha OMG WTF or WOW That’s Fine! Yes! An actual selfie taken by an actual social media type! Sure does look dopamine fixed! Or is that f*+t@D! Must be from one of those countries with fluoridated water! Just look at his teeth! What do you mean …… HIS TEETH!? Women are monkeys too!

Belching and Farting For Better Health!

It will surely Set you free Especially in an elevator To everyone’s glee! Just push to button To the 101st floor Who could really Ask for anything more! brrt, braaah, THPPTPHTPHPHHPH…phhhhhhrt, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, pff, prtrtrtrgurtrufnasutututut, prrrt, PFFT!, PHHhhhh…, SPLPLPLLLP, WHOooooffff, poot, prrrrrrrvt, scraeft, ppppppwwarrrrppppp, pllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooaaa…, … HalTheMysteriousDoc.Calm Specializing in Traditional Chinese acubowelpressure techniques!