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I Forgot to Remember How to Remember!

There are little things you can do to help you remember. You know.

Where did I put my car keys!?

And my glasses?

The damn TV remote?

And the damn car for that matter!

Well! When you put something down, look at it and say to yourself, “I just put my glasses on the table!”

In addition, squeeze your right hand in a tight fist to stimulate the part of the brain in the hippocampus that helps you to remember.

And to help you recall something?

Well just squeeze your left hand in a tight fist.

It really does work or WOKs if your into cooking!

However, the main drawback to this is

I do not always remember to do the little tricks that can help me to ‘REMEMBER!’

🤔 Maybe if I just tightly squeezed my left and right butts!?

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Another Sun-Me-Wong Signing Blogger Award Nomination!

The possibilities are endless … just look at Washoe and Me!

For the past two decades, humans have been teaching chimpanzees and other ape-like forms to express themselves using the sign language of the deaf.

During that same period, bloggers and other human-like forms having been increasingly learning to express themselves using the finger language of the mundane or clinically insane.

Just as the chimps are teaching each other sign language and using it to communicate among themselves, so us humans are doing similar.

“The most closely studied example of this involves a chimp named Loulis that at the age of 10 months was placed in the care of Washoe, an adult female that in 1966 became the first chimp to learn sign language.

Washoe, which understands and uses hundreds of sign language words, immediately took to Loulis and within eight days began teaching the young chimp simple signs, by demonstration and sometimes by molding the baby’s hands into the forms that represent words.”

(Much like bloggers who mold words into forms that sometimes express ideas!)

Thanks to Boyce Rensberger, Chimpanzees Teach Sign Language, The Washington Post.

Honorable mention to Herbie Su Aside, for his pitiful pioneering paranormal pastoral blogging study, A Finger on the Barnyard Post! Or Up Something Else!

For that reason I have nominated both Washoe and Boyce Rensberger for the Sun-Me-Wong Signing Blogger Award!

An inter-species first!


By the Way is Washoe Chinese!?


Aren’t We All!?