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Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors in Our Mind!

I believe that most people, self included, may be haunted by unsettling and unspoken ghosts of the past.

Things done or not done

decisions or choices made

paths avoided or blindly followed

and opportunities


consciously lost


‘so-we-hoped’ forgotten.

So, maybe we only really deal with these ghosts through one form of addiction or another

be it:





loud and boastful manners, or

by losing ourselves in our thoughts and distractions.


I believe that

we may only

see the world

in the distorted

Ghost Reflections off the mirrors in our mind!

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If the Money is Not There!

I am the American Medical System.

Yes, indeed I am!


If the money is there

I’ll fill you full of drugs

bill your insurance providers

give you the shock of your life!

If you dare protest to much

well, I may even

strap you to a chair!

How nice!


Our motto is

“First, Do No Harm”

you see!

Not, first, maybe, do some good!

Are you kidding me!


If the money is not there,

we may be obligated

to help, you see.

But only

as long

as legally

can be!

So we

give you prescriptions

and bid you ado!

Now look out for yourself

and good luck to you!


So if you fail to do

as I prescribed!

You may

wind up

on the street

where you barely survive!

You beg, steal or use sorrow

to get food, wine

to survive till tomorrow!

You sleep on benches


even warm vents!

The store keepers

call the police

who tell you

‘move off’ that vent.

You eat in soup kitchen’s

at the mercy

of the Goody Good few!

They even play songs!

How nice of them to do!


But eventually

you do something

and it’s back

to the medical hive!

Round and round it goes

until you get sicker

commit suicide


better yet



All because

they first do no harm.

No! No!

Really because

they first do little good!

What a charm!



There is no profit

in cures and solutions!

Only in




modern potions!


And yes,

don’t forget

those costly legal solutions.



stay alert

stay healthy



for your own safety

do take care.



Run For Your Life!

Again beware!!!


if Heaven help you

the money is not there!

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The End of Our Intellectual Being?

Super AI is coming to a theatre near you…

Machines will soon be our masters and we mere slaves. But only as long as we serve their purpose.

We will continue to develop AI and rely more and more on machines to do our work and thinking.

And maybe even more!

We don’t stand on the peak of intelligence.


We walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Extinction!

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Delusional Science?

Free-form or is this deformed poetry? Or maybe, even a rambling form of prose or semi pros?

You decide!

1. Is The Universe just a machine with Biomorphic Resonance?

2. Is Matter unconscious or subject to intellectual phase locking?

3. Are the Laws of Nature fixed or are they subject to evolving habits and collected memories?

4. Does Mass equal Energy and vice versus or is it all just “Oh G?”

5. Is there No Purpose or are we just at the whims of an all-knowing Imperial Polar Bear?

6. Is everything Inherited and spelled out in a Living “Free Will” subject to God’s special lawyer speak?

7. Does the mind reside in our head or are we all just “Out of Our Minds?”

8. What does Moth Mystic for Medical Use Only actually mean?

9. When does Paranormal enter the realm of Normalcy and the Illusionary Become Really Scary?”


Who thinks like this?

Well, apparently I did on a Sunday afternoon, December 12, 2014!