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This Is Dope!!!

A very, very, very extraordinary reply to my post:

World War of the Blogs III!!!

This is DOPE!!!


This is ……

You are a stupid person?
Just information about a subject?
Like a varnish to the surface of a model aircraft?
I am just administering drugs?

This is ……

Very good like?
All of the above?
None of the above?
Or this was …

“Pure, unadulterated, unfunny, 100% unforgiving CRAP!!

WOW ………

Now that is definitely one hell of a reply!


And yes! Maybe I do surely deserve to

“Go to Hell?



“YES!!’ That Post Was Pure Dope!!’”

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I Forgot to Remember How to Remember!

There are little things you can do to help you remember. You know.

Where did I put my car keys!?

And my glasses?

The damn TV remote?

And the damn car for that matter!

Well! When you put something down, look at it and say to yourself, “I just put my glasses on the table!”

In addition, squeeze your right hand in a tight fist to stimulate the part of the brain in the hippocampus that helps you to remember.

And to help you recall something?

Well just squeeze your left hand in a tight fist.

It really does work or WOKs if your into cooking!

However, the main drawback to this is

I do not always remember to do the little tricks that can help me to ‘REMEMBER!’

🤔 Maybe if I just tightly squeezed my left and right butts!?

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Scribble Me Softly Sunday!

How does a random scribble

become warmed-over dribble?


If I only I knew what to say.

So scribble me softly

as thus do I

begin another day

with my trusty sword

by my side or sides

proudly singing

“Onward Marching Woodblocks!”

So hey …

it’s Sunday …

let’s pray!

The Artless Poet…

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What Do You See!?

Inspired by Dymoon, dymoonblog, “Windows!”

What do you see when you look out your window?

Looking out my condo window

I see a pond with occasional ducks

the odd water bird

even the rare horror

of an eel fish

taking down a duckling

or a little critter

that waded to far

for too long.

I see lifeless apartments

with windows shaded and closed.

A water fountain

spraying jets into the air

for decorative


and aerating effect.

I see life.

I see the outside world.

Things that trigger

memories from the past

or even

answer questions

for the present and future.

But essentially

I see

“The Now!’

And then …………

I have to pee!

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Bird Droppings From the Sky!

Give yourself permission to fail…

Become a passer-by not distracted by the superficial smoke screens…

Say the things that make you strong…

Life is all about energy, frequencies and vibrations…

Respect others and you too will be respected…

Teach the essentials … not just meaningless activities…

Be prepared to live off the grid. Not locked and filled with fear…

Behavior is an expression of the problem, not the problem itself.

Don’t just read books! Use them as necessary to get knowledge and wisdom, not just information…

Find the source of the illness, don’t just treat the symptoms…

The Kennedy’s never cry! They just Die!

Don’t be fooled by superficial charm…

Live Long and Prosper!