I’m Falling!

Due to a severe lack of blog interest! ************ May the Modern Geeks inherit the Internet May the Fools inherit the Stools May my blog be finally be put to rest I tried but am just a posting fool! 1. Arrogance 2. Wise ass attitude 3. Politics 4. Worldview 5. Constipation 6. Diarrhea 7 Any…… Continue reading I’m Falling!

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Please Forgive Me!

For I know from where your politics flow! Please Forgive Me …… For your anger and rage that never goes! Please Forgive Me …… For I know why you’re constipated and never go! Please Forgive Me …… You impersonal “I Don’t Know!” 🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…? Can You Trump That!?

The Ashkenazi Squirrel!

I live in a senior community near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A majority of the senior citizens originally came from the Northeast or New York City. And they are primarily Ashkenazi Jews. The Ashkenazi Family Tree is the worlds largest family tree. It traces back to a 12th to 13th century German family group of approximately…… Continue reading The Ashkenazi Squirrel!


Most definitely one “hot and spicy” soulful New England Seafood Restaurant! And the Nova Scotia honeymoon was okay too!

Who Is The Mysterious Blogger!?

Yes! Who and/or what is The Mysterious Blogger! He who constantly taunts us with his monotonous, boring …… “Only The Shadow Really Knows” Bullshit!! *********** Really? Well …… He’s really pissin’ me off! Why is so little known about this devious, wiseass, blowhard? A man who brags, blusters and boasts in so many unpleasant posts…… Continue reading Who Is The Mysterious Blogger!?

Sure-Fire Borsch Belt Divorce Court Humor!!!

Nothing that follows, does, in any way, apply to my wife to whom I have been happily married for almost 48 years! 🤜🏻🗣🔫************ Now, take my wife… Please!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Henny Youngman …🎻🎻🎻 ************ Really dear! Do you still love me as much as when you first met me? I have very little recollection of ever…… Continue reading Sure-Fire Borsch Belt Divorce Court Humor!!!