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World War of the Blogs III

From the Blog of Revelations (Armadillon)

The Six Seals of the Blog Hypothesis:

The first three seals are the three sea lions of the Apostrophe:

First Seal – a white sea lion

As the first seal was opened, Nikola Tesla, wrote: “And I looked, and behold, a white sea lion did not ‘read‘ his post and he went out conjuring and to be conjured!”

Second Seal – a yellow sea lion

When the second seal opened, Nikola noted: “While this sea lion did read his post it was not granted to the one who posted the post that it should be ‘liked‘ and that other bloggers should run from his post; and there was given to him a great sword to slay these cowardly bloggers!”

Third Seal – a pink sea lion

As for the pink sea lion, Nikola said, “So the one did read and like the post, but it was granted unworthy of a ‘comment‘ of any kind. I looked, and behold, a pinkish sea lion and he who sat on it had a pair of scissors in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of his six following bloggers saying, “A bottle of Coke for a denarius, and three slices of pizza for a denarius; and ‘first do not harm’ is the motto of the American Medical Association! So just be merry and get oiled with wine!

All’s well and good, but what then is the meaning of the last three seals?

Only The Shadow Knows for Sure!

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Another Sun-Me-Wong Signing Blogger Award Nomination!

The possibilities are endless … just look at Washoe and Me!

For the past two decades, humans have been teaching chimpanzees and other ape-like forms to express themselves using the sign language of the deaf.

During that same period, bloggers and other human-like forms having been increasingly learning to express themselves using the finger language of the mundane or clinically insane.

Just as the chimps are teaching each other sign language and using it to communicate among themselves, so us humans are doing similar.

“The most closely studied example of this involves a chimp named Loulis that at the age of 10 months was placed in the care of Washoe, an adult female that in 1966 became the first chimp to learn sign language.

Washoe, which understands and uses hundreds of sign language words, immediately took to Loulis and within eight days began teaching the young chimp simple signs, by demonstration and sometimes by molding the baby’s hands into the forms that represent words.”

(Much like bloggers who mold words into forms that sometimes express ideas!)

Thanks to Boyce Rensberger, Chimpanzees Teach Sign Language, The Washington Post.

Honorable mention to Herbie Su Aside, for his pitiful pioneering paranormal pastoral blogging study, A Finger on the Barnyard Post! Or Up Something Else!

For that reason I have nominated both Washoe and Boyce Rensberger for the Sun-Me-Wong Signing Blogger Award!

An inter-species first!


By the Way is Washoe Chinese!?


Aren’t We All!?

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50 Shades of Sexism!

The above photo is of a Wader Bird and I just added sunglasses and a purse … just because!

Waders are birds commonly found along shorelines and mudflats that wade in order to forage for food in the mud or sand. They are called shorebirds in North America, where the term “wader” is used to refer to long-legged wading birds such as storks and herons.

Enough of that, I fear!


Getting to the point:

I have been mildly chided for being sexist in my post, “50 Shades of Cat Liter!

Maybe it was the lines:

You see, I feel that woman pick men like they pick their cats.  It’s Fifty Shades of Cat Litter!

For men, it’s may be more basic and mostly instinctual: Five Shades of Doggy Bags and Chinese Take-Out!

Or maybe it was this particular line:

This is all becoming too confusing for me as a sexist old fool. 

Or maybe it was the whole damn post itself!


My reply was:

Maybe sexist toward both sexes…

Maybe just humor and a play on a popular theme…

Maybe just maybe…people who label people sexist are maybe themselves sexist…


And the band played on

And the World continued to spin

And we all marched on

With *whatever* on our chin!

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Tesla’s Pigeon, The Sequel!

Critics Rave or is it Raving Critics!?


It’s one of your most disturbing works I’ve seen for now. It is beautiful and terrible. I’m voting for “mortified!”

Theatrealtair, Video Times & Rhymes



Rarely if ever is a subsequent piece more disturbing than the first!

Bob, Undertaker’s Weekly



A true Masterpiece! … Or true piece of something else entirely!




Damn Hal and pity the poor Pigeon or Pigeons!!!

Molly, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pigeons (SPCP)!



Pure unadulterated DUNG!!!