To Diet or Not to Diet?

“To Diet or Not to Diet” Those are the options. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind  to suffer the burbs and belches of outrageous gorging, Or to take arms against that sea of blubber, And, by lifestyle changes, loss it!” ****** ****** ****** Yes! Diet and live by always thinking, doing and saying: D … id…

IMOA Saturday!!!

For Want of a Disposable Coffee Cup: Are you? Or aren’t you? Or what are or aern’t you anyway??? Thanks to all for the heartfelt concern! Brucy’s Booth is now open for business … Cheap Psychiatric Help and Lemminade — 2 cents! A bit overpriced for psychiatric help don’t you think? But what they lose…

Truthfulness is the Way to Go!

From the Pen of Cute Judy Lee: Being truthful and honest in life is very important. Honesty is very needed, always. God wants us to live life in a very honest manner. So being kind…continued Truthfulness is the Way to Go!

We Need More Laughter in Life!

From the Pen of Cute Judy Lee: Laughter is very important to help life to go well. It may help our health. It makes life happy. It creates much joy. We need more laughter on our life, indeed! — Read on

You! 👈🏾 Rip Him! Rip Him Good!

A Hip-Hop Med Rap to Start the Day! Rip him! Rip him good! . If you want quality care If you want To be understood Don’t go to a doc With just 8 years Of med school No Shit! I do Rip-Rap This day! Pencil in some Terms of Agreement With Doctor Cool J Who…

Peace and Calm Am I

Cute Judy Lee Post: Peace and Love makes life better. Calming Ourselves helps to keep Peace and Love. Life is not always easy and people can hurt each other Without Love. That is why we should always strive for Peace and Calm. Yes! … Peace and Calm …… and Love! — Read on

Yes! When the Cows Come Home!

Inspired by Meena’s Blog …… She Is An Addict … (Cigs that is …) When the cows come home and the buffalo and deer no longer roam she will overcome her addiction or become a Nun and with God’s help concentrate full-time breaking her addiction to her phone!

Touched By Dreaded iPhone Touch Disease!

First diagnosed in 2013 after a homeless man got severely ill after being licked by a totally stir-fried Kentucky Finger-Licking Chicken! In this case, the stupid chicken was a-licking an iPhone screen! You mean to tell me that chickens have tongues! Yes! But only The Infamous Kardashian Chicken known for it’s long protruding twitching tongue,…

A Very Healthy Morning Brew!

What a way to start your typical day. I do say! A Slow Lemon Fizz: Start with a cup containing 3-4 oz of water: Then add: 1/2 tsp of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar a hefty tsp of 100% Certified Organic Raw Honey Heat for two to three minutes That should do the trick! Add…

A Very Healthy Royal Doodle!

A glass of lemon water a day may keep symptoms of anxiety and depression away! And more importantly, maybe a Doctor and his medications! Magnesium Lemon Fizz mixed with Green Tea is also an excellent choice! ************ Then, why is that Lemon in the picture eating a hotdog with a soda drink!? Isn’t that unhealthy…