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IMOA Saturday!!!

For Want of a Disposable Coffee Cup:

Are you? Or aren’t you? Or what are or aern’t you anyway???

Thanks to all for the heartfelt concern!

Brucy’s Booth is now open for business … Cheap Psychiatric Help and Lemminade — 2 cents!

And the really crazy doctor is definitely way out …… there!!! 👉🏼👉🏻👉🏾


Metaphorically Posting …

Only the Shadow Really Knows for Sure!!!

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Please God Forgive!

A Prayer Truly Worth Repeating:

Please God,

forgive my arrogance,

my smugness

and my sin!

Righteous God,

forgive my vanity,

my rudeness

and my whim!

Holy God,

forgive my impulses,

my urges,

yes again, to sin!

And finally,

Glorious God,

forgive my vain-glory,

my conceit,

my pride –




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Confessions of an Emotional Support Cat!

Extracts from

Yes, it may be mostly ‘for the dog’s’ when it comes to service work for people with specific needs. But that doesn’t mean that cats can’t play such a role for people suffering from emotional or mental issues.

Cats (or any other type of animal) can indeed be considered an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). They too can provide love and emotional support to their owners in the same way dogs can. So, let’s explore this topic further.

Emotional Support Cat Requirements:

Have a cat or get a cat maybe by contacting your local ASPCA or Humane Society.

Make sure the therapist knows you do indeed need your cat to give you emotional support.

Get an ESA letter from a licensed therapist.

Contact your landlord and/or airline and provide your ESA letter.


It is generally true that cats can be more aloof than their canine counterparts. But that does not mean that cats won’t work as an ESA. You may just need to take more time when searching out the perfect candidate.

There are five specific tips on finding a great emotional support feline outlined in the link above.

Cats are truly awesome. They too can provide comfort support to those that need it most!

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A Very Healthy Saturday Morning Brew!i

What a way to start your typical day.

I do say!

A Slow Lemon Fizz:

Start with a cup containing 3-4 oz of water:

Then add:

1/2 tsp of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

a hefty tsp of 100% Certified Organic Raw Honey

Heat for two to three minutes

That should do the trick!

Add a scoop of Magnesium Lemon Fizz

Watch it fizz

Stir and beat down that damn overflowing fizz as necessary!

Add more water or Green Tea

and maybe a dark chocolate truffle you see!



Then take a pee……


Like most,

you probably



did not see

what was going on

in the photo above!


We look

but rarely really see.

That’s why

we often

make a mess


we do pee!


There are ants everywhere…

Even planting a victory flag

after having climbed

Mount Everplant!

And a cute lemon

wishing you

a Nice Day!

As Carlo Espiritu did say!

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A Sour Pickle Be!?

What kind of dill she be?

A Kosher Dill prepared in the style of a New York Jewish deli … with garlic, a salty taste and fermented and topped using a salt brine? Rabbi blessed optional?

A Sweet Dill marinated with vinegar with added sugar and spices like mustard seed, cinnamon, and onion: too sweet for me?

A Bread and Butter Pickle with no relation to bread and butter pickled on a sweet base with celery and coriander for a tangier taste?

A Gherkin Pickle made from 3-inch miniature pickles in any of the aforementioned styles, so chameleons they surely be?

Or personally

A Genuine Dill whole cucumber pickled with dill weed and dill seed with a sour taste using a flavored vinegar and stuffed in a jar at room temperature like me?


Just What Kind of Pickle You Be!?

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A Very Royal Health Doodle!

A glass of lemon water a day may keep symptoms of anxiety and depression away! And more importantly, maybe a Doctor and his medications!

Magnesium Lemon Fizz mixed with Green Tea is also an excellent choice!


Why is that Lemon in the picture eating a hotdog with a soda drink!? Isn’t that unhealthy and counter-productive?