Easter Blessings

A Cute Judy Lee post: Jesus is the light of my life. His heart is so filled with love. I need his support in my life. Easter is the season where Jesus’ dying on the cross … Continue… Easter Blessings

Eating Cheese Its For Love!

Cute Judy Lee post: I sometimes get sad and lonely and loves comes, at times, from eating Cheese Its. Yes! Cheese Its helps me feel loved. No, not really. It’s Jesus … Eating Cheese Its For Love!

Life’s Memories …

Cute Judy Lee Memories: In Life we travel many roads. It can be much fun. But it also can be very hard! We must try to be Loving and Kind! Laughing often makes life happier.… Life’s Memories …

Be Happy in a Heavenly Manner!

A Cute Judy Lee post:Live in a Heavenly Manner. Focus on the good in Life. Try to be happy. Be very nice to your family. Try not to worry. Enjoy your coffee every day. Try to be happy in a Heavenly Way! As you Always Pray! — Read on judyscorneroftheworld.com/2020/08/05/be-happy-in-a-heavenly-manner/