A Very Healthy But Mad Royal Doodle!

A glass of lemon water a day may help keep symptoms of anxiety and depression away!And more importantly, maybe even an occasional Doctor and some short-term medications. But Magnesium Lemon Fizz mixed with Green Tea is also an excellent choice! Then, why is that Lemon in the upper-left picture below eating a hotdog with a…… Continue reading A Very Healthy But Mad Royal Doodle!

A Holy Sunday Brunch Collage!

The whole darn family was there!It was just your typical “run of the milk” Sunday Brunch! Even my dog, Pee Wee, did munch and crunch at the “Sunday Come to Monday” Brunch! It’s in the genes you see! ************ More Southern “over-fried” emoticon variations on a theme screams!************ Onward Christian Wood Chucks Marching as Before…… Continue reading A Holy Sunday Brunch Collage!

A Delicious 8-Course Spider Meal!?

Somebody said, “The average person swallows 8 spiders in their sleep each year!”Studies have also shown that you’re never more than 10 feet away a spider, and one estimate puts you as close as three feet. 🕷🕷🕷 Ugh! Ugh! Yummy … Gummy … Doggy Do-Do! “Who in the hell said that?” you ask! A Noble-awarded…… Continue reading A Delicious 8-Course Spider Meal!?

How To Eat A Leaning Sandwich in Pisa with Pizza!

From the Dumbest Blog Ever! Sandwiches are a very popular food. They taste good, they’re convenient and easy to eat. If you’re trying to figure out the best method for consuming… 390: How To Eat A Sandwich With the dumbest and most appropriate reply ever! I’ve been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a…… Continue reading How To Eat A Leaning Sandwich in Pisa with Pizza!

Tony’s Beaten Beet Meatballs!

“I’ll make you a beaten beet meatball you will always refuse!” Made-Chef Tony Spitsarelli: “The Best Beaten Beet Meatballs I Did Never Eat.”‘ (Mob Voices, 1965) Washing your hands before preparation is not recommended. It does spoil the flavor! Beat the beet with a mallet, pealing first the beet, that is. Firmly hand mix into…… Continue reading Tony’s Beaten Beet Meatballs!

Killing Me Softly … With Hard Salami! 🎼…🎸…🎷

A Parody inspired by the song, Killing Me Softly, as sung by Roberta Flack! Peeling off the salami slices with my fingers on bread with brown mustard I thee make Killing me slowing that salami Killing me softly that processed meat Shortening my whole life maybe by years Killing me softly with it’s calories, fat,…… Continue reading Killing Me Softly … With Hard Salami! 🎼…🎸…🎷

General Tso’s Fast Food Restaurant Not Near Yu!

General Tso’s chicken is s popular sweet deep-fried chicken dish that is served in North American Chinese restaurants. The dish is named after Zuo Zongtang (also romanized Tso Tsung-t’ang), a Qing dynasty statesman and military leader. However, there is no recorded connection to him nor is the dish known in Hunan, Zuo’s home province. The…… Continue reading General Tso’s Fast Food Restaurant Not Near Yu!

A Vegan’s Begging Prayer Be!

A Leonard Guida Inspiration: Oh, woe is me! Feed yourself meat Eat those steaks And burgers eat. Saving the planet? Not Neat! You feasting meat-eating beast! A Vegan’s Begging Prayer ****** Eat meat and say a prayer for the dead? Personally, I love salami, hot dogs and steak. But I am cutting back and trying…… Continue reading A Vegan’s Begging Prayer Be!

Tales From the Shopping Cart Crypt!?

Helpful Tales From the Crypt? No! Tales From the Coronavirus Shopping Cart Crypt! For those who suffer from Shopping Cart Syndrome (SCS) and fear of Coronavirus Exposure each week. “Shopping cart syndrome” can be caused by over-shopping and can lead to both mental and physical pain! It has recently been discovered that Cartimox can help…… Continue reading Tales From the Shopping Cart Crypt!?

A Churchill Sunday Brunch at the Venice Inn

Peaceful, relaxing Sunday nosh at the Venice Inn: Brunch, the boozy portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. A late morning nosh, an opportunity to socialize with family and friends while easing last-nights hangover with a cup of Java or the ‘hair of the dog;’ and a melange of food and dishes. Who even writes like this…… Continue reading A Churchill Sunday Brunch at the Venice Inn