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Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

Judy Barbera

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Life is full of mistakes. But we must keep on trying to love one another.

We must pray for strength and deep faith to face life’s problems.

As far as the East is from the West, Jesus remembers your mistakes no more!

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Again! What’s It All About? Selfie!

Interesting…thought provoking…and seriously…Inspired by Magellanic Cloud!

dark energy,
dark matter,
dark empty space…

So many conclusions …
scientific delusions …
weary theories
made in haste…

Some think this,
others think that,
Oh their egos,
scientific conclusions,
it may all be a waste…


What is the answer?

What is it really about?

Is anyone
keeping score?


Just maybe
in the end…

Only the Shadow
really knows
for sure!

Or better yet…

Could it even be…

Quoth the Raven Never, Ever More!?


It’s the

Big Bubble…

Big Burst…

Big Bird Theory


Nothing More!