Just Doodling Down the Blogway!!

Just a dumpster with it’s share of urban suburban art doodles! ************ An ancient doodle that becomes an extra ‘long haul’ truck. Driver’s Needed… ************ A typical blogging day: oh my golly! ************ A trolley folly! ************ Of barking dogs and a cutie shaking her booty! ************ When in doubt, overwhelm them with noodles, doodles…… Continue reading Just Doodling Down the Blogway!!

Ted the Emoji and Me!

How would I cope?Being devoid of hope? Praying on my knees? Yes!!! What would I be? Would I be lost? Without… Ted the Emoji and Me!? And ….. This Silly Group You See!

An Emotitoon Too Soon!

Cartoon? Doodle? Scribble? Collage? No! It’s an Emotitoon, clear and simple! Right! Simple minded, that it is! An emoticon, short for “emotion icon”, also known simply as an emote, is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using characters – usually punctuation marks, numbers, and letters – to express a person’s feelings or mood, or…… Continue reading An Emotitoon Too Soon!

Just Another Wet Rag Tuesday!

A Wet Rag Tuesday with a bar of organic soap! And some other things I see! Seems the soap forgot to take it’s pills! …… Or maybe the wet rag had a wet dream! And what is it with the pills and that needle dripping blood? Are you a junkie or something at heart!