A Napoleon Complex Doddle Universe!

This is just your typical Napoleonic Complicated, Cosmic, Complex Doodle Universe! He’s in there wearing high-rise booties! Find him if you can! If not you will be eliminated! But closer to home …… near a magical village far, far away … in a Kingdom called South Jersey!

Those Magical, Mystical, Vivid Lucid Dreams!!!

Replies to Lucid Now 🌜- Through the Drifting Stage – Dozing And The Induced Sleeper! Very interesting “sleep talk” about sleep paralysis and such! Seen Dark Man, Tall Man, Shadow Man and much, much more! And sometimes I actually perform the actions in my dreams; punch and kick; fly out of the bed and hit…

Ancient Fishbowl Scribbles!

What does this mean? Beats the hell out of me!” All I really know is that recent studies have shown that the average fish has a longer attention span than the average blogger: especially bloggers that scribble! Recent studies?  Really? Yes! And most notably the recent U.S. Presidential Contenders!

Are They Friend or Foe!?

Friend or foe monster or not three ears six limbs likes hanging from trees kinda cute …… What have we got? Are you talking about the news readers, newscasters or our true hidden news masters?

And Stillness Falls I Fear!

Stillness falls memories fade only lost forgotten dreams. ************ Times of love times of joy fleeting memories even schemes. ************ But love was lost in “the now” time how hopeless it does seem! ************ But when I see your smile again my eyes swell with joyful tears! ************ And the little things again flood my…

Well? Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt a hand go through you hair and when you opened your eyes there was no one there!? ============ Have you ever awoke and there was a menacing tall dark figure at the end of your bed!? You can’t move a muscle you can’t scream in fear frozen in bed of the…

An Unacquired Waste!

How Not to Write a Poem! ________________________ As the World Turns As the worm chews As with my mother, brother and shoemaker grandfather So be it For You! (Extracted from Poems for the Mildly Insane!) When in doubt include Cute Ghost Ted!

The Yellow Cat On the Red Rug Dreaming!

What do cats dream about? Maybe their daytime activities, their favorite toys, catching a tasty mouse, or chasing their tails. Just like us, cats use their in sleep to relive the the events of wakefulness so that the brain can process and organize the information. This is why kittens dream up to 80% of the…