It’s Worth How Many Words?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how many words are there to process in this collage? Oh, I sometimes Do get weary Down in the dumps weary Trying so hard to impress But when I get so weary All I need is a little Tender rest Yeah yeah ************ If only ……!!!

The Emperor Polar Bear Strikes Back!

The Emperor Polar Bear and three of his minions. Just 10 Interesting bear facts about Polar Bears: (What else can I do with all this social distancing!?) 1. Polar Bears evolved from brown to white for camouflage. 2. Male Polar Bears have longer hairs on their front legs for mating. Sound familiar? 3. The hair…… Continue reading The Emperor Polar Bear Strikes Back!

The Crockaplorosaurs Are Amongst Us!

From the Museum of Unnatural History, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.A Crockaplorosaur: part bird and part crocodile? But mostly just a “crock and it stinketh!” By the way, how did Sheboygan get it’s name? A Chippawa Indian Chief had several boy sons but desperately so wanted a girl. But when his last child was born, a warrior asked…… Continue reading The Crockaplorosaurs Are Amongst Us!

I Just Seem to Rhyme All the Time!

Even with coronavirus on my mind! I seem to rhyme most of the time… When I’m walkin’ … talkin’ … lookin’ at Playboy gawkin’ … NOT! When I’m reading … postin’ or just TV hostin’ When I’m thinkin’ … drinkin’ … washin’ my Dinken… And yes… even when I’m just sitin’ in the bathroom stinkin’…!

Some Useful UnQuotable Stuff!

So! What Art Though Abstract Art? To me ……. abstract art is all about …… creativity exploration imagination …… using various visual techniques forms colors textures shapes whatever …… not to create a visual portrayal of the real world ….. but a more emotional spiritual visceral insight of life itself …… 🧐……🥴……🤗Tony “The Phony Poet”…… Continue reading Some Useful UnQuotable Stuff!

The Noses Have It! 👃🏼👀

People! No singers! Who need Serious Rhino surgery Are the happiest And best Singers In the world 🎼🎼🎼 THIS IS NOT FUNNY! YOU HAVE A HUMONGOUS BULBOUS NOSE YOURSELF! AND YOU KNOW WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOVE IT!!! And your voice definitely sucks! Big time! ***********+ Did you know you see your nose at all times…… Continue reading The Noses Have It! 👃🏼👀

Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?

Are you going to ‘rag on’ the American Health Care System again!? Of course! It’s so much needed fun. Yes! After decades of arrogant ‘god-like complex’ doctor misdiagnosis complexities! Just give me drugs please spare my kidneys and liver an expensive test or a procedure for sure attitudes. Treat the symptoms the hell with a…… Continue reading Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?

Of Wet Pads, Wet Pants and Wet Dreams!

When is enough just too much!? And what does the title have to do with this post anyhow? It’s just a montage, collage of Doodles and Emoticons Gone Wild! How many words is this worth? Well! Krishna Yadav immediately recognized Mahatma Gandi’s Three Wise Monkey’s!