No Escape From Dreamscape!🛏

Deep chambers of memoriesplaces fears hidden knowledge.  Truth obscured in shadows! Your Personal Dreamscape: The recurring landscape in your dreams. Sometimes Stark!Sometimes Illusive – All Too Familiar! A Personal Monster or Two: Maybe cute in a strange way! But cite not because Shadow Man is haunting! Sometimes Vivid and Strange! And if you’re lucky: Lucid…… Continue reading No Escape From Dreamscape!🛏

A Very Healthy But Mad Royal Doodle!

A glass of lemon water a day may help keep symptoms of anxiety and depression away!And more importantly, maybe even an occasional Doctor and some short-term medications. But Magnesium Lemon Fizz mixed with Green Tea is also an excellent choice! Then, why is that Lemon in the upper-left picture below eating a hotdog with a…… Continue reading A Very Healthy But Mad Royal Doodle!

Yes! Please Let Us Bless the Rains Down in Africa!

African Animals and Symbols ……… and some Emoticons added for special effect here and there! 💧💦…💧💦…💧💦…💧💦…💧💦…💧💦 Africa! A beautiful and majestic land, rich with lust plant-life and magnificent animals. African animals play a huge part in African culture. Their symbolism can be found throughout countless pieces of art and historical accouterments. Each animal has it’s…… Continue reading Yes! Please Let Us Bless the Rains Down in Africa!

Blessed Are the Modern Geeks…

Yes! Blessed are the Modern Geeks for they shall inherit the blogs! ************ Geek: Related English dialect word Geck ‘fool,’ of Germanic origin or related to Dutch Gek a mad, fool!’ ************ But the modern geeks are not of this sort. They engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical…… Continue reading Blessed Are the Modern Geeks…

A Bee, a Butterfly, a Teddy, and a Whatever!

Yes! A Bee and a Teddy floating on flowers in the sky. So, you better get ready To Fly! *** ****** ********* Below is a drawing done with my right foot during a period of temporary insanity.Look! If an elephant can paint a self portrait with it’s trunk and a porpoise can do the same…… Continue reading A Bee, a Butterfly, a Teddy, and a Whatever!

Another Damn Trick of the Light!

That’s definitely not ‘real’ real!That’s a frightful sight! No! No! NO! It has to be… Just a damn trick of the light! But them Happy Days Are Certainly Going to Be Here! But When!? When we are all vaccinated? When we all become vegetarians? When the swallows come back to Capistrano? When COVID-19 is finally…… Continue reading Another Damn Trick of the Light!

Just Some Graffiti, Symbols and Collages Galore!

Some collages of graffiti and whatever: past, present and future……From a wall of graffiti in Ciudad Juarez to my Wall of Symbols …… From the Worldpress Fishbowl to an Aztec Rock Singer …… strumming a guitar with it’s right hand fingers! Seven views and much, much more! ______ ______ ______ Other symbols and such from…… Continue reading Just Some Graffiti, Symbols and Collages Galore!

Another Scribble Me Softly Sunday Has Come and Gone!

How does a random scribble become just warmed-over dribble? Yes! If I only I knew what to say. So scribble me softlyas thus do I begin, no end, another day with my trusty sword by my side or sides proudly singing……🎼🎷🎺 “Onward Marching Woodchucks” Marching to Brunch again as before With the Thought of Cheese…… Continue reading Another Scribble Me Softly Sunday Has Come and Gone!

Just Keep it Stupid, Simple?

This is simply stupid!? Simple minded from a Simpleton maybe? And what’s with all those stars around that gorilla, anyway? Well? I guess the rest of the picture makes sense! Really? Sorta like life and this offering in general … I’d venture to say!

The Time For a Real Forever Doodle is Near!

A doodle not released through the U.S. Postal Service…Forever is never Forever is now Forever is always Forever is WOW! Forever for the spiritual and clever! Sophia AI for the For-NeverSophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics. Sophia was activated on February 14, 2016, and made her first…… Continue reading The Time For a Real Forever Doodle is Near!

It’s Really Just Ancient Graffiti On A Cave Wall!?

It’s in there!? All ancient!? I lie!Some old, some new, some weird, some just for a few ……. The Writing on the Wall!Graffiti has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Hell! There may even be graffiti on the Moon or Mars! Allysnotebook Says: Nothing…… Continue reading It’s Really Just Ancient Graffiti On A Cave Wall!?

What the Hell Thursday!

What the Hell… a phrase/reaction to something that is strange/abnormal to the person/you, usually when you see some weird s?!t! From the URBAN Dictionary of all things! A Southern Florida Everglades Going Bald Boll Weevil… ****** ****** ****** A demonic fly manifestation or just politics as unusual?  What do you think? ****** ****** ****** Rabbit Transit and…… Continue reading What the Hell Thursday!

A Wise Collage to End the Day!

An Owl perched on a dessert and an enchanted pillow •••••• And the usual assortment of emojis pasted in a haphazard, random, unplanned way!Wise is as a wise owl collage does! And I don’t give a chirp, whistle, scream, screech, bark, growl, shriek or hoot!