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The Overly, Squirrelly, Squirrely Squirrel!

For some unknown reason there is this angry squirrel that haunts this one area near my apartment complex. This squirrel has it in for me and has even followed me up the building stairs to my apartment door.

One day he confronted me and held his ground less than 10 feet from me with his back up and a snarling, toothy growling look. It was like he was squirreling,

Come on! You old punk coot! Make my day!

Maybe he’s mad because I like to use an emoji squirrel in some posts with the remarks that he’s admiring or playing with his nuts!


Could the squirrel, maybe, be Rabid!!!

Can’t tell!

Seems to have no apparent political party affiliation.

But he must ultra-extreme something or another!

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A word said by magicians performing magic tricks … like hocus-pocus …

Maybe gibberish to give the impression of arcane knowledge … mumbo jumbo …

It is known to have been in use in 4th century Latin. But other theories abound from 2nd century Hebrew or Aramaic meaning:

It will be created in my words!

Sort of like this post?