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Any Owl!?

Just tell me what is it all about, wise Owlfie?
Is it just for the brief moments that we live?
Yes! What is it all about in the end when we sort it all out, Owlfie?
Are we just meant to always take more than we give …… Any owl?

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Just West of East…

New Mexico; Old Mexico; East Asia; Far East; Near East; Middle East; the East Side of the Eiffel Tower; Einstein looking East; a scooter made in Korea; some Eastern meditation; a gorilla from East Africa; and a green dinosaur with a bullseye playing soccer for East Jurassic University.

Who could ask for anything more!?

Well! There is more!

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You! Just Dare to See!

Is this just an ordinary pillow? Or does this silent ‘pillow talk’ in it’s own way?


I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn that language since I suck at art…*sigh*

Nour Lee


I really doubt that…travel back to that time and place when you were a child filled with wonder, overflowing with creativity and imagination. It’s still there, stored in a special place for you to access if you strive to see…


I’m still a child, luckily. Maybe one day I’ll look upon this post and remember…

I tried drawing a cat’s head and let’s just say it…hasn’t gone so well.

Nour Lee


Well, maybe you’re looking at it the wrong way. What is missing…what do you see…? Add color…add missing detail…add humor…then see…

Many of my drawings are just random scribbles that I then think, “What do I see!?”

An enchanted forest, the Qin Dynasty, a time portal, even a bird in a tree…

In the above ordinary pillow, this is what I did imagine to see!

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The End is Definitely Near!


The final battle between the good and evil blogs before the Day of Literary Judgment!

It will be a catastrophic conflict, seen as likely to destroy the WordPress world and the blogging race!

“Pray tell, why the Armadillo?” You ask!

Well! Why not!?


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Of Cave Drawings, Tesla and Pigeon Dung!

A blog repeat of sorts!

Senseless Sense?

Maybe, just nonsense …

A lot of three’s though.


Celibate Nikola Tesla and his beautiful female pigeon, who he loved dearly, would maybe have liked this post. It was pure electromagnetism from the start between Nikola and his adorable pigeon.

It was love at first coo or spark!

Please, tell me you didn’t write that lame line!?

As long as Nikola had her, there was purpose in his life.

He died, or was helped along way, shortly after the pigeon died!

Actually the pigeon was white. To much trouble to change the color. It’s just the thought that counts.