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What a Loser Was Albert Einstein!?

Albert Einstein today as a child would probably be on drugs diagnosed with ADHD or Autism!

He didn’t talk until 4.

His grandmother called him ‘thick’ or not very smart.

Repeated words and sentences over and over until he was 7.

Maybe had a form of autism.

Didn’t learn to read until 9 and didn’t like school.

He was disorganized, forgot things, his lectures were hard to follow – the classical ‘absent-minded’ professor.

He attended a Catholic elementary school in Munich until he was 12.

Dropped out of high school at 16.

Failed the entrance exam the first time he applied for college!

What a loser by today’s standards!

But still the greatest creative scientific mind in history!

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Cute Judy Lee Song!

Recently bought an Electronic Keyboard and therefore like to play with my organ.

So to speak!

No lessons, just playing without rhyme, reason or spicy seasonings!

This is a tune I like to call ‘Cute Judy Lee’ humming as she merrilly strolls down the lane you see!

Aware that few or if any will even listen or see!

Check out “Cute Judy Lee” by “Hal Barbera” on #BandLab –

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My Subconscious Made Me Do It!!!

Actually, it was Carlo Espiritu and The Shadow that made me do this!


I like to find humor in my silly life.

To find things and situations around me that makes me laugh.

I then quickly jot down a few silly words in a draft.

Then let it fester for my subconscious to figure out and craft.

Yes! To somehow find the ideas and images that express “what’s it all about.”

A few days later, to the draft, I do return.

And my subconscious floods my conscious with a Tsunami of findings and words.

I search for or create some art to somehow express all the ideas and words.

The art then in itself changes some of the first, second and third words.

Back and forth the process does goes.

Until I finally say the hell with it … and off the silly post goes!

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Refried Vermilion Sindoor Kumkum

Like Sindoor in India

the art and lacquerware of China……

As powdered mineral cinnabar

or the color of a scale insect

kermes vermilion…………

Between red and rose

a brilliant red or scarlet sky…………

Vermilion Sindoor Kumkum.

The “timeless” time

of the indigenous Australian’s

formative creation

perpetual creation

scarlet crimson…………

Like the widely used

art and decorations of Ancient Rome

the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages

the paintings of the Renaissance.

Some crimson

strong red color inclining to purple

slightly bluish-red between red and rose.


The pigments of Ancient Dreams

perpetual “timeless” time.

Vermilion Sindoor Kumkum!


Say What!? 🧐