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I Had Do-Do In My Pants!

Over You!

So I stripped stark naked

walked the neighborhood sans shoes

pounding a drum-de-drum.

I really had nothing else to lose!

But someone called the law

even though I was senile

and having a ball!


My trial date is coming soon.

And at that trial

I’m surely

Going To Moon!

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It’s Not Easy Being God!🎼

Inspired by my wife, Cute Judy Lee, and Kermit the Frog: exact order uncertain!


It’s Not Easy Being GOD!

He created the Universe and the infinite

number of complex and ordinary things.

But people tend to pass God by ’cause

He’s not out there like flashy

sparkles in the water or

trinkling stars in the sky.

But God’s in the colors of the Rainbow

and on the wind that stirs the trees.

Yes, God is cool and friendly-like

with a heart as big as all the oceans,

higher than all the tallest mountains

and tallest trees, especially

all the Northern California

Coastal Redwood Trees!


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No Escape From Dreamscape!

Deep chambers of memories,



hidden knowledge. 

Truth obscured in shadows!

Your Personal Dreamscape:

The recurring landscape

in your dreams.


Sometimes Stark!

Sometimes Illusive – All Too Familiar!

A Personal Monster or Two: Maybe cute in a strange way!

But cite not because Shadow Man is haunting!

Sometimes Vivid and Strange!

And if you’re lucky:

Lucid almost alive!


There is a way to escape:

a portal to the Light!

But you must




with all your Dream Escape might!

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Some Horsey Folk Quotes ……

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will take you everywhere!

Albert Einstein


Creative thought






Music is basically folk music. Have you ever heard a horse sing? Maybe???

I think a horse was a finalist on America’s Got Talent!



If serious happy thoughts run through your mind. They will definitely show on your face.

You can only live ‘happy ever after’ one day at a time!

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Poachin’ With the Fitbit Rabbit in the Twilight Zone!

There are really only three effective ways of catching octopuses:

The first being to simply dive down and grab the octopus with your hand, out of whatever rock crevice it’s hiding it. A blunt rod can help in this by coaxing them out of their hiding spot.

The other way is to use a sharpened spear or knife and attempt to impale the octopus while underwater.

Lastly, certain commercial fishing traps or more traditional earthenware clay pots may be used as a more hands-off alternative.

The Fitbit Rabbit chose the hands-on approach when an Octopus he did so bravely pouch!