When Will These Silly Wiseass Posts Cease?👻🤡🐶

When will these Dark poems part May those most glorious Sunshine Awards no longer warm my…. Achy Breaky Heart! Didn’t you write Some shit Like this before? Yup! Like every ugly utter day! Just ah Silly Hillbilly from South Phil-lie! NOT! ************LOL or Better Yet …… Up U-RS!!! Like a gasping fish desperately hanging from…… Continue reading When Will These Silly Wiseass Posts Cease?👻🤡🐶

Them There ‘A-Holes of a Feather’🎉

A-holes of a feather sometimes flock, no f¥£(, together! 🦅🦅🦅************ Are you talking about me!? This phrase is used here to refer to the many ways that bloggers who share the same worldview and politics will naturally find themselves together in a given situation. This phrase is an example of a “metaphore of personification,” where…… Continue reading Them There ‘A-Holes of a Feather’🎉

No Escape From Dreamscape!🛏

Deep chambers of memoriesplaces fears hidden knowledge.  Truth obscured in shadows! Your Personal Dreamscape: The recurring landscape in your dreams. Sometimes Stark!Sometimes Illusive – All Too Familiar! A Personal Monster or Two: Maybe cute in a strange way! But cite not because Shadow Man is haunting! Sometimes Vivid and Strange! And if you’re lucky: Lucid…… Continue reading No Escape From Dreamscape!🛏

Hey You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

“Mind your own beeswax” and “it’s none of your beeswax” are common phrases you might hear being shouted by six-year-olds on the school playground; by a arrogant senator at a Senate Hearing or by immature bloggers on WordPress. That’s a good enough reason to use it: for me! For the uninitiated, they basically mean “mind…… Continue reading Hey You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Oreo Ate My Belt!

Oreo will gladly eat most anything you see!Shoes; my belt; socks; wood; tissue paper; grass-laid organic dung; cute stuffed animals; pink rubber animals; green lizards (especially); any creature that flies; those that crawl; those dead! She’ll even lap water out of the toilet bowl (urine optional)! But put some good wholesome food on a plate…… Continue reading Oreo Ate My Belt!

But Should Your Objectivity Be Damned?

Is it “politics as usual” today?Each side seems to care more about the faults of the other side than the faults of it’s own side! If you share my worldview and politics you can do very little wrong! But is you don’t share my worldview and politics? Well, you are most assuredly wrong! And the…… Continue reading But Should Your Objectivity Be Damned?

Blessed Are the Modern Geeks…

Yes! Blessed are the Modern Geeks for they shall inherit the blogs! ************ Geek: Related English dialect word Geck ‘fool,’ of Germanic origin or related to Dutch Gek a mad, fool!’ ************ But the modern geeks are not of this sort. They engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical…… Continue reading Blessed Are the Modern Geeks…

A Holy Sunday Brunch Collage!

The whole darn family was there!It was just your typical “run of the milk” Sunday Brunch! Even my dog, Pee Wee, did munch and crunch at the “Sunday Come to Monday” Brunch! It’s in the genes you see! ************ More Southern “over-fried” emoticon variations on a theme screams!************ Onward Christian Wood Chucks Marching as Before…… Continue reading A Holy Sunday Brunch Collage!

Another Damn Trick of the Light!

That’s definitely not ‘real’ real!That’s a frightful sight! No! No! NO! It has to be… Just a damn trick of the light! But them Happy Days Are Certainly Going to Be Here! But When!? When we are all vaccinated? When we all become vegetarians? When the swallows come back to Capistrano? When COVID-19 is finally…… Continue reading Another Damn Trick of the Light!

Just Some Graffiti, Symbols and Collages Galore!

Some collages of graffiti and whatever: past, present and future……From a wall of graffiti in Ciudad Juarez to my Wall of Symbols …… From the Worldpress Fishbowl to an Aztec Rock Singer …… strumming a guitar with it’s right hand fingers! Seven views and much, much more! ______ ______ ______ Other symbols and such from…… Continue reading Just Some Graffiti, Symbols and Collages Galore!

Let’s Save the Flying Squirrel!

Let’s Fly Together…with open arms in warmth and thoughts of better days! Yes! Let’s Fly Together …in all kinds of weather as pleasant as a pheasant as innocent as a naive! Again, Let’s Fly Together…with an open heart! Let’s Fly Together…to save the day! Let’s Fly Together…to save the world! and lastly…… Let’s Fly Together……… Continue reading Let’s Save the Flying Squirrel!

Are Goldfish Potentially Better Bloggers, As Well As Husbands?

You Now Have A Shorter Attention Span Than A Goldfish! Kevin Mcspadden, TIME MagazineBased on a study from Microsoft Corporation…… (and maybe Bill Gates’ personal Experience?) The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds,…… Continue reading Are Goldfish Potentially Better Bloggers, As Well As Husbands?

Ancient Archaeology Doodle Art After Drinking Fine Barbera Red Wine!

Ancient Art, Prehistoric art,desperate art or maybe just scribblings of disparate, prehistoric random artless doodles off their mark? Or has my artistic well finally run dry? The DumbestBlogger did remark:Well, by looking at this ancient, prehistoric art we can soundly deduce that the ancient Phoenicians ate a variety of chicken and dumpling soup which had…… Continue reading Ancient Archaeology Doodle Art After Drinking Fine Barbera Red Wine!

Refried Doodles Cuisine!!!

For a truly unbalanced, unhealthy blog diet! Refried Doodles (Spanish: doodles reintentados) is a fare of scribbles and random sketches and is a traditional staple of North American and Yankee-Go-Home cuisine, although each region’s cuisine has a different approach when preparing this hash. Refried doodles are only really fried once. The reason for this misconception is…… Continue reading Refried Doodles Cuisine!!!

From “The Bard” on an Abacus to a Nappy Bow-Tied Grey!

Yes! From “The Bard” on an Abacus to a nappy Grey Alien With Top Hat and Bow Tie, Pink this day!Oh yes! Don’t overlook the flowery “whatever” in between! The rest below? Reused art to be seen, for sure! Shakespeare Quotes:By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Open, locks, whoever, knocks!…… Continue reading From “The Bard” on an Abacus to a Nappy Bow-Tied Grey!

What Then is the Power of ‘Un?’

On this Sunday… WHAT THEN IS IT…The Power of Un-derstanding Yourself? -or Is It- The Power of Un-derstanding People? -or Is It- The Power of Un-soiled Un-derwear in a lucid dream? NO!!!Well then … What is the Power of ‘Un?’ If you actually read this then that is… The Power of ‘Un!’ ****** ****** ******…… Continue reading What Then is the Power of ‘Un?’