Aw! A Sunday Surprise Brunch!

Alligators are large, aquatic reptiles.They live in and near water. Alligators are crocodilians in the genus “Alligator” of the family “Alligatoridae.”The crane is in the genus “Goner” of the family “Sagatoriusbrunch!” And this here crane (a real Goner) is just about to become Sunday Brunch! And these ducks? Well, they just look on! Or is…… Continue reading Aw! A Sunday Surprise Brunch!

Another Sh*tty Sunday Brunch!

This post is an outgrowth or tumor inspired by a couple of my recent posts: Watch Out! The Birds Have Pooped! Some Bird Droppings From the Sky! And yes by Jen-Prairie Sky – Wellness! A gorilla, monkies and a squirrelly squirrel at the Venice Inn; An eagle taking an ancient dump; Walking barefoot through splatters…… Continue reading Another Sh*tty Sunday Brunch!

The Organic Semi-Vegan Doodle Reblog!

A Healthy Doodle For A Healthier Life: Just don’t eat the paper it’s created on, unless you suffer from pica! My Exclusive Recipe Follows:Start with a sheet of organic paper. Soak with several Q-tip dabs of organic cold-pressed fruit juice; black seed oil; extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered of course; and white distilled vinegar. Cover…… Continue reading The Organic Semi-Vegan Doodle Reblog!

A Churchill Sunday Brunch at the Venice Inn

Peaceful, relaxing Sunday nosh at the Venice Inn: Brunch, the boozy portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. A late morning nosh, an opportunity to socialize with family and friends while easing last-nights hangover with a cup of Java or the ‘hair of the dog;’ and a melange of food and dishes. Who even writes like this…… Continue reading A Churchill Sunday Brunch at the Venice Inn

A Little Bit Healthy … A Little Bit Not!

Get your veggie fix:a slice of an orange but leave the cleaning to someone else! Yes!!! Ain’t that the truth!?For what it’s worth as I stay aloft with baited breath and lacking teeth and/or much tooth’s! 🥴 … 🥺 … 🤓 Non-fat milk I hope!(Remembering Leonardo da Vinci – Polymath – I Am Surely NOT!)