Please Recycle Your Posts!

Nikola Tesla’s Laws of the Conservation of Imagination and Creativity require that we recycle our art, ideas, words and underwear! Save the planet… Save Earth…… Save the blogosphere……… Frequently change your dirty underwear!

Keep it Simple?

This is simple!? Simple minded, maybe! And what’s with all those stars around that gorilla, anyway? Well! I guess the rest of the picture makes sense! Really? Sorta like life and this offering in general I’d venture to say!

Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?

Are you going to ‘rag on’ the American Health Care System again!? Of course! It’s so much needed fun. Yes! After decades of arrogant ‘god-like complex’ doctor misdiagnosis complexities! Just give me drugs please spare my kidneys and liver an expensive test or a procedure for sure attitudes. Treat the symptoms the hell with a…