What Then Will Greet Us in Heaven?

Butterflies …. butterflies … zillions of Butterflies!” An infinite number of dogs! Cats? Well! If cuteness accounts for anything, there should be a million or so of them too. Especially if it’s your cat! And you know who you are! And don’t forget those sad, wise owls!

Question Not the Shadow!

What is it with you anyway!? You sometimes come off boastful, arrogant and spew out a lot of hot air and BS!? Ahh! Really? All I can say is don’t question The Shadow and especially Tony ‘the phony poet’ Spitsarelli! Tony is on parole! As for The Shadow!? Only The Shadow Knows For Sure! ————…

On This D-Day – June 6

Art of Frank Knapp, WWII: June 6, 1944: Four years and two days after Allied forces evacuated from the European mainland, they return in the Normandy landings, the largest amphibious military assault in history. By the end of the day, 5,000 vessels land 160,000 troops on the French coastline, launching the push to defeat Germany.

Are They Friend or Foe!?

Friend or foe monster or not three ears six limbs likes hanging from trees kinda cute …… What have we got? Are you talking about the news readers, newscasters or our true hidden news masters?

Back by Unpopular Demand! Tesla’s Pigeon Critical Reviews

Critics Rave or is it Raving Critics!? You should know! 👻👻👻 This has to be one of his most disturbing works I’ve seen to date. It is both beautiful and terrifying. I’m voting for “mortified!” Theatrealtair, Video Times & Rhymes *** 👻👻 Rarely if ever has a subsequent art piece been more disturbing than the…

And Nothing But ……

The Whole Truth and …… Of another time, dimension or dementia: Anonymous or Miscellaneous …… The horrors of insomnia…… Remember to keep your Social Distance! Especially as it relates to this post!

Just Strolling Along That Pathway

A leisurely stroll along the not-so-boring Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis for those Down Under! An aurora is a colorful light show in the sky caused by the Sun. Auroras happen when particles from the Sun interact with gases in our atmosphere, causing beautiful displays of light in the sky. Auroras are often seen in…

The Slaughter of the Sheepish Blogger!

Just a Lamb to the Slaughter… Reacting to so-called follower betrayal using rhetorical devices of dramatic irony and dark humor that foreshadows and is totally clueless to what it all means anyway! Posting to the WordPress community has become a worthless endeavor! Real social distancing is needed and is well overdue! 👻…🤔…🥴…🤮

Well? Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt a hand go through you hair and when you opened your eyes there was no one there!? ============ Have you ever awoke and there was a menacing tall dark figure at the end of your bed!? You can’t move a muscle you can’t scream in fear frozen in bed of the…

There Were Many Rivers to Cross . . !

The 304th Infantry Crossing Rhine River at St. Goar, Germany (4/9/45). We had already done a hard day’s fighting when information came back to our trucks that the enemy battalian CP was still located in the next village. The order was, ‘Take it!’ T/4 Frank Knapp, Jr., WWII ************ We owe our World War II…

I Was a Teenage Reptilian!

The 1957 cult classic to end all cult classics. A ‘B-movie’ with a triple-A leading lady. And I’m not just bragging about the lizard. I was a Teenage Lizard is a 1957 horror film starring Hal Barbera and Cute Judy Lee as troubled teenagers, Whit Bissel and Yvonne Lime. Whit, who changes to a killer…

The Emperor Polar Bear Strikes Back!

The Emperor Polar Bear and three of his minions. Just 10 Interesting bear facts about Polar Bears: (What else can I do with all this social distancing!?) 1. Polar Bears evolved from brown to white for camouflage. 2. Male Polar Bears have longer hairs on their front legs for mating. Sound familiar? 3. The hair…

I Just Seem to Rhyme All the Time!

Even with coronavirus on my mind! I seem to rhyme most of the time… When I’m walkin’ … talkin’ … lookin’ at Playboy gawkin’ … NOT! When I’m reading … postin’ or just TV hostin’ When I’m thinkin’ … drinkin’ … washin’ my Dinken… And yes… even when I’m just sitin’ in the bathroom stinkin’…!

Star Trek Data? No! Facebook Data!

Blessed are the Creeps for they shall inherit the Internet the blogs and our lives! What did Captain Picard say to the sewing machine? Make it SEW! A Star Trek Data quote!

Yes! A Post Is Not A Fence!

Sing to the melody of Luther Vandross’, A House Is Not A Home! A post is just a post even though they’re no one reading there but a post is not a fence and a fence is not a blog when there’s no one there to read your post and no one there that really…

Doodle Worlds Beneath My Feet!

Worlds and universes to be imagined beneath my feet. But this became a fly over of a doodle city with buildings, sidewalks and whatever that did not originally exist! I kid you not!

Please Recycle Your Posts!

Nikola Tesla’s Laws of the Conservation of Imagination and Creativity require that we recycle our art, ideas, words and underwear! Save the planet… Save Earth…… Save the blogosphere……… Frequently change your dirty underwear!

Keep it Simple?

This is simple!? Simple minded, maybe! And what’s with all those stars around that gorilla, anyway? Well! I guess the rest of the picture makes sense! Really? Sorta like life and this offering in general I’d venture to say!

Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?

Are you going to ‘rag on’ the American Health Care System again!? Of course! It’s so much needed fun. Yes! After decades of arrogant ‘god-like complex’ doctor misdiagnosis complexities! Just give me drugs please spare my kidneys and liver an expensive test or a procedure for sure attitudes. Treat the symptoms the hell with a…