Blessed Are the Modern Geeks…

Yes! Blessed are the Modern Geeks for they shall inherit the blogs! ************ Geek: Related English dialect word Geck ‘fool,’ of Germanic origin or related to Dutch Gek a mad, fool!’ ************ But the modern geeks are not of this sort. They engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical…… Continue reading Blessed Are the Modern Geeks…

The Silence of the Sheepish Blogger!

Just a Lamb to the Slaughter… Hannibal ‘the Cannibal’ Spitsarelli! Reacting to so-called follower betrayal using rhetorical devices of dramatic irony and dark humor that foreshadows and is totally clueless to what it all means anyway! Posting to the WordPress community has become a worthless endeavor! Yes! Of clowns, tigers and clueless sheep? Real social…… Continue reading The Silence of the Sheepish Blogger!

Just Keep it Stupid, Simple?

This is simply stupid!? Simple minded from a Simpleton maybe? And what’s with all those stars around that gorilla, anyway? Well? I guess the rest of the picture makes sense! Really? Sorta like life and this offering in general … I’d venture to say!

Samsara and Salami On Rye!

A truely stunning visual masterpiece! Filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on seventy-millimetre film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders. ************ Samsara[səmˈsärə] NOUN hinduism buddhism: the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material…… Continue reading Samsara and Salami On Rye!

Again! Back by Unpopular Demand: Tesla’s Pigeon Critical Reviews!

Critics Rave or is it Just Stark Raving Critics? You should know!👻👻👻 This has to be one of his most disturbing works I’ve seen to date. It is both beautiful and terrifying. I’m voting for “mortified!” Theatrealtair, Video Times & Rhymes *** 👻👻 Rarely if ever has a subsequent art piece been more disturbing than…… Continue reading Again! Back by Unpopular Demand: Tesla’s Pigeon Critical Reviews!

It is Love and Grace!

It is Love and Gracethat leads her to the Door. Not Nature that’s for sure. 💫✨💫 Her soft handtouches hard, cold stone. Wind swirling, she stands alone. 💫✨💫 She holds inwardlysilent cries for her child. Yet still manages a faint, but loving, mother’s smile! 💫✨💫 But didn’t Love and Gracelead her to that Door!? 💫✨💫…… Continue reading It is Love and Grace!

Shake the Snow Globe Please!

My two grandsons, Sebastian and Deangelo, in a Christmas Snow Globe where they often did happily belong, especially during this time of the year. LOL! “I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas. It brings people together while time stands still.” – Rachel Cohn

Sometimes Less Is More!

Shiny or dull it reflects the light with subtle and wondrous colors in the Fall. Do only what is necessary and required. Efficiency is elegant. Less is more. Scott Perry, Endeavor: Thrive Through Work Aligned with Your Values, Talents, and Tribe

Boring? Not Enough Sugar and Tasty Junk Food!

Bored? Just add too much sugar, spice & everything not otherwise healthy and nice! Ah, to be healthy, wealthy and wise! Not fat, dumb, stupid, poor as a church mouse and otherwise! For a healthy body & brain start by cutting back the sugar, practicing a healthy lifestyle and adding:Seafood Greens Nuts Beans and Occasionally…… Continue reading Boring? Not Enough Sugar and Tasty Junk Food!

The Season of Autumn

Cute Judy Lee Post: Autumn is a wonderful season of the year. The weather is somewhat cooler. Leaves start to fall off the trees. Autumn is a full of love. It is very … The Season of Autumn

Philosophical Roadkill: An Animal ‘Immoral Dilemma!’🧐

A truly ‘immoral dilemma’ question for all you flipping sage bloggers of the philosophizing persuasion! ⁉️ ⁉️ ⁉️ An out-of-control trolley is about to cause bloody animal carnage and destruction! You must think fast and make a snap life-and-death decision! Now!!!Would you kill the Squirrelly Squirrel in the cage; crush the Daffy Duck; or save…… Continue reading Philosophical Roadkill: An Animal ‘Immoral Dilemma!’🧐

Of Cave Drawings, Tesla, Trump and FBI Pigeon Dung!

A blog repeat of sorts! Senseless Sense? Maybe, just nonsense … A lot of three’s though. If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe. Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was obsessed with numbers, but especially 3, 6 and 9. He wanted the world to know the…… Continue reading Of Cave Drawings, Tesla, Trump and FBI Pigeon Dung!

The End of Our Intellectual Being or My Blogging Time!

Super Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to a theatre near you… Machines will soon be our masters and we just mere slaves. But only as long as we serve their purpose. We will continue to develop AI and rely more and more on machines to do our work and thinking. And maybe even more! We…… Continue reading The End of Our Intellectual Being or My Blogging Time!

The Walk of Love!

Everyone is important!Everyone is different in their own special way. We can help each other in many ways. Yes, we can support each other. Every person has a very special purpose. We have to be there for each other, always! Life does get very difficult at times. That’s when we have to be there for God’s purpose.…… Continue reading The Walk of Love!

Pillow Talk! Just Dare to See!

Is this just an ordinary pillow? Or does this silent ‘pillow talk’ in it’s own way? ************ I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn that language since I suck at art…*sigh* Nour Lee ************ I really doubt that…travel back to that time and place when you were a child filled with wonder, overflowing with…… Continue reading Pillow Talk! Just Dare to See!