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You Should Not Question The Shadow!

What is it with you sometimes, anyway!? You sometimes come off boastful, arrogant and spew out a lot of hot air and BS!?



All I can say is don’t question The Shadow and especially Tony ‘the phony poet’ Spitsarelli!

Tony is on parole!

As for The Shadow!? Only he really knows for sure!


Some History:

The Shadow is the name of a collection of serialized dramas, orginally 1930s pulp novels, and then in other media.

One of the most famous adventure heroes of 20th century North America, the Shadow has been featured on the radio, in a long-running pulp magazine series, in American comic books, comic strips, television, serials, video games, and at least five feature films. The radio drama included episodes voiced by Orson Welles.

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Like a Tree!

Like a tree

with bended branches

I be!

My feet firmly

rooted in terra firma

distinct from

the air and sea!

A trunk

wide as can be

as I rest

on bended branches

no bended knees!

With healthy green foliage

sprouting from the branches

like waves on the sea!

My head

my crown

my top

it be

swirling in the clouds



a bit confused

and sorry-assed

for all to see!

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Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors of My Mind!

I believe that most people, self included, may be haunted by unsettling and unspoken ghosts of the past.

Things done or not done

decisions or choices made

paths avoided or blindly followed

and opportunities


consciously lost


‘so-we-hoped’ forgotten.

So, maybe we only really deal with these ghosts through one form of addiction or another

be it:





loud and boastful manners, or

by losing ourselves in our thoughts and distractions.


I believe that

we may only

see the world

in the distorted

Ghost Reflections off the mirrors in our mind!

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A Post Is Not A Fence!

Sing to the melody of Luther Vandross’, A House Is Not A Home!

A post is just a post

even though they’re

no one reading there

but a post is not a fence

and a fence is not a blog

when there’s no one there

to read your post

and no one there

that really cares

enough to comment

and click a like!


Reply courtesy of Goff James

Ah Yes
A post is just a post
But two posts or more
I swear
Make a fence so true
Whether in a straight line
Or in the round
I’m bound
To state the fact
A post is just a post
Yet more
A fence create!


And a cat on a fence

with fence posts

is still a spooky cat


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Have You Ever!?

Have you ever felt a hand

go through you hair

and when you opened your eyes

there was no one there!?


Have you ever awoke

and there was

a menacing

tall dark figure

at the end

of your bed!?

You can’t move a muscle

you can’t scream in fear

frozen in bed

of the dread!


Have you ever

again seen that

Tall Dark Menacing Man!?

But this time

flew out of bed

wrestled and fought back

but really … ouch …

just hit your head

on the nightstand

next to your bed!?



Well ………

What a boring life you’ve had … by the way!!!


And why does it always seem to be between 3:00 and 4:00am … again by the way!?

So the Lord’s Prayer I now do say!