Hey You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

“Mind your own beeswax” and “it’s none of your beeswax” are common phrases you might hear being shouted by six-year-olds on the school playground; by a arrogant senator at a Senate Hearing or by immature bloggers on WordPress. That’s a good enough reason to use it: for me! For the uninitiated, they basically mean “mind…… Continue reading Hey You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

The Silence of the Sheepish Blogger!

Just a Lamb to the Slaughter… Hannibal ‘the Cannibal’ Spitsarelli! Reacting to so-called follower betrayal using rhetorical devices of dramatic irony and dark humor that foreshadows and is totally clueless to what it all means anyway! Posting to the WordPress community has become a worthless endeavor! Yes! Of clowns, tigers and clueless sheep? Real social…… Continue reading The Silence of the Sheepish Blogger!

Don’t You Forget Those ‘Cats’ Middle Paws’ at All!

Ahh! Yes!We all do so love those sweet ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ and raised middle paws! But… Do you feel lucky?As Clint Eastwood would ask? So please, oh please don’t forget those endearing ‘Cats’ Middle Paws!’ Yes! Just your typical ‘Owl and the Pussycat,’ spool and very dead ‘Bird of Peace!’ And remember that dogs are…… Continue reading Don’t You Forget Those ‘Cats’ Middle Paws’ at All!

It’s Those ‘Lizard Chasing’ Puppy Dog Eyes

Dogs seem to make those puppy dog eyes for the benefit of us humans. And for Oreo those oh so tempting lizards she spies. Yes! They rarely use that entreating facial expression when on their own, a recent study has shown. It has long been assumed that animal facial expressions are involuntary and dependent on…… Continue reading It’s Those ‘Lizard Chasing’ Puppy Dog Eyes

An Owl’s Red Sky Delight!

Red sky in the morning, Eagle take warning! Red sky at night, Owl’s delight! ************ Have you ever heard anyone use the above proverb? Hell No!!! However, Shakespeare did say something similar in his play, Venus and Adonis: “Like a red morn that ever yet betokened, Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field, Sorrow to…… Continue reading An Owl’s Red Sky Delight!

The Untimely Death of a Blog Rabbit!

Oy Vey Today:Sorry to announce that Mikey the Fitbit Rabbit died today of a heart attack while jogging! He was only 7 years old and tried his best to live a healthy rabbit lifestyle. He kept current on the latest in health and nutrition, neuroplasticity, traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, Ted Talks, and the New York…… Continue reading The Untimely Death of a Blog Rabbit!

A Delicious 8-Course Spider Meal!?

Somebody said, “The average person swallows 8 spiders in their sleep each year!”Studies have also shown that you’re never more than 10 feet away a spider, and one estimate puts you as close as three feet. 🕷🕷🕷 Ugh! Ugh! Yummy … Gummy … Doggy Do-Do! “Who in the hell said that?” you ask! A Noble-awarded…… Continue reading A Delicious 8-Course Spider Meal!?

Yes! Butterflies Do Both Fly and Fight!

A creepy spider and a fluttering butterfly in mortal combat as a worrisome worm watches in upside-down frozen horror!But do fear not! The battle-hardened butterfly definitely has the upper wing! In many butterfly species the males can be seen fighting intensively for territory. What determines who wins is something that has long eluded researchers. A…… Continue reading Yes! Butterflies Do Both Fly and Fight!

Have a Havanese Merry Christmas!

And hopefully just the bestest of all to you! And did you know, there are only an estimated 4,000 Havanese dogs in America? A perky Havanese in joy playing with a Corona virus squeaky Christmas toy. While Ghost Ted, as well as Oreo, cheer on! That’s cheer? 👆🏼👆🏽👆🏿

You Say You’re What!?

Genetically, I’m a Mixture of White/Brown/Black (What About Green?) Italian/Greek/Sicilian Iberian Peninsula Hispanic North African English/Irish Western European Germanic Ashkenazi Jew Retired Old Coot and Wise Ass Harmonic Singer Jazz/Rock Saxophonist Professional Keyboard Pounding Former USAF Weather Observer/Officer Retired Computer Consultant/Project Manager/Computer Programmer with over 95% of my DNA noncoding and some of that most…… Continue reading You Say You’re What!?

We Surely Are Fam-i-ly!

Yes!!! We surely are fam-i-ly! Talking about your Doodles and ME! So, thus begins another weekday, Mon-day and fun-day! Nova Scotia PAM! A Snob He Surely Be! DC Congressional Leadership!? And Finally, In Confusion… Yes! What’s it all about? Postie! Am I just posting for a quick dopamine fix? Am I just sending e-Posts for kicks? Wanting…… Continue reading We Surely Are Fam-i-ly!

More 50 Shades of Sexism!

Hopefully guaranteed to get under somebody’s PC craw! This an actual photo of a Wader Bird and I just added sunglasses and a purse … just because it looked appropriate! Wait a minute! It looks a bit like a Kardashian! But the butt isn’t big enough! Waders are birds commonly found along shorelines and mudflats…… Continue reading More 50 Shades of Sexism!

The Horror! Chimera: The Human Monkey is Here!?

It’s Coming!!!!! No! It may already be here this Election Year! Yes! It’s surely here! 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 Chimera, the human monkey created by Spanish scientists in China! My thanks to Trumbletimes.com! Already being groomed to run in the Presidential arena in 2045 as a Vervetacrat! But didn’t IT already win in the 2016 Election Year? https://trumbletimes.com/its-coming-spanish-scientists-have-created-human-monkey-chimera-in-china/…… Continue reading The Horror! Chimera: The Human Monkey is Here!?

A Squirrelly Squirrel Sniffing Flowers!

A Melody of Words Post: Who doesn’t like hippity-hoppity squirrels, running to and fro in the garden area? I surely do, they are so damn cute and hardworking as well. They always keep an eye on the food resources available nearby. melodyofwords.com/photos-of-squirrel-smelling-flowers-squirrel-sniffing-flowers/ This mellow fellow definitely must have smoked too many Weeds! Yes! An oh…… Continue reading A Squirrelly Squirrel Sniffing Flowers!

Licking and Driving Do Not Mix!

Our emotional support dog, Oreo, had the habit of licking my face and neck when I was driving and I have stopped that entirely.Why? Man’s best friend is not always a driver’s best friend. While lawmakers have been banning drivers from texting or using cellphones, many motorists are riding around with another dangerous risk –…… Continue reading Licking and Driving Do Not Mix!

A Cute Animal Collage!?

Cute Judy Lee performing acupressure on a Teddy Some Cats of Various Kinds A Wader Bird With a Purse and An Oh-So-Cute Doggy with Fleas chewing on a dandy candy toy for all to see! A high fiber, low-fat collage indeed! Not to be confused with a college.