Honestly! A Movie Review From Me!

Now! I’ve never done a formal movie review of anything to include The Godfather trilogy! The story of my life! LOL! But I accidentally took the time to watch a 2001 Independent Drama/Mystery/Crime Triller called, Brigham City! Made with a puny budget of $900,000 USD. A movie about Sheriff Wes Clayton who is also a…… Continue reading Honestly! A Movie Review From Me!


Most definitely one “hot and spicy” soulful New England Seafood Restaurant! And the Nova Scotia honeymoon was okay too!

Amy Barbera: The Artist in the Spotlight!

AMY’S AWESOME NEW MUSIC UPDATE…🎶🎶🎶  YAY!!!!!! My Friends I’m EXCITED To Announce That I Was Chosen As … THE ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT” By Radio Indie International Network This Week! It Was Such An Amazing Surprise! 😊🎶🌟 THANK YOU From My Heart For Believing In Me & My Music…Angelo Petruzzi & Phazes McKenzie II 😊 You Guys Are The BEST &…… Continue reading Amy Barbera: The Artist in the Spotlight!

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Who Is The Mysterious Blogger!?

Yes! Who and/or what is The Mysterious Blogger! He who constantly taunts us with his monotonous, boring …… “Only The Shadow Really Knows” Bullshit!! *********** Really? Well …… He’s really pissin’ me off! Why is so little known about this devious, wiseass, blowhard? A man who brags, blusters and boasts in so many unpleasant posts…… Continue reading Who Is The Mysterious Blogger!?

Amy Barbera’s Electro Dance Remix of Flower!

Here is the YouTube link to Amy Barbera’s new song remix: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nJB3m-LNLMw AMY’S NEW MUSIC 🎶🎶🎶 My Friends I Am So EXCITED To Share The Fun ELECTRO DANCE REMIX Of My Song  🌷 “FLOWER”🌷 ..Produced By Israeli Producer Yaron Cohen AKA Melodic Healer! 🎶🌸🎶🌷  Although Yaron Lives In Israel & I Live Here In America We Were Able To Team Up On This…… Continue reading Amy Barbera’s Electro Dance Remix of Flower!

The Journey Begins!

Excerpts from Julie Barbera’s book released on September 6, 2019: Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection Shatter An Illusion of Perfection Many miss gems searching for pearls at the bottom of the sea. Every dream unrealized is like a masterpiece never painted, a hit song never sung, a great book never written. Every dream realized began with…… Continue reading The Journey Begins!

Sure-Fire Borsch Belt Divorce Court Humor!!!

Nothing that follows, does, in any way, apply to my wife to whom I have been happily married for almost 48 years! 🤜🏻🗣🔫************ Now, take my wife… Please!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Henny Youngman …🎻🎻🎻 ************ Really dear! Do you still love me as much as when you first met me? I have very little recollection of ever…… Continue reading Sure-Fire Borsch Belt Divorce Court Humor!!!