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Walk in Deep Faith!

Originally posted by Judy Barbera:


We have so many things that happen to us in our life.

But we have to love each other and stand by each other.

We should try to spread joy and happiness.

Support our loved ones and laugh with each other.

Have fun and have many deep talks.

Be there for each other … walking, even running, in deep faith and love!

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As We Were Going To St Ives

As we were going to St Ives

we met seven ducks on a ledge

and seven in the water.

The ducks on the ledge were

your typical ducks in a row.

The ducks in the water?

Well, I really don’t know.


There was no man

no wives

no sacks



or otherwise.


All I can surmise

about St Ives

was just those

seven ducks on the ledge

seven in the water

and that bloke…

is no bloody

St Ives

Children’s Nursery Rhyme!

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Do You Only Believe In What You Can See!? 👀

Yes! Some proudly proclaim loudly non-belief …. in their own non-religious, religious way!

Yes! They proselytize loudly and proudly for all to hear!

I don’t believe in a God or a Creator. Well, maybe an all-knowing equation as many knowing scientists seem to believe.

I don’t believe in a God; Heaven or Hell; an afterlife; or being faithful to anyone but little old (or is that odd) me!

I don’t believe in angels … aliens … demons … ghosts … and a host of things other believe for that matter as they climb Jacob’s Ladder heading the wrong way!

I only believe in what I can see … hear … feel … taste … sense … and smell. And that’s mostly me just ‘looking at me!’

I don’t believe in silly nonsense! Well maybe 13 dimensions; multiple universes; something from nothing; and at one time the New York Yankees!

You see. In my defense it’s just nonsense that makes little sense. Haha … Hee Hee … Loddy Doddy Dee!


So when I die and my body decays and per science my life energy transforms in some strange way. Well, if I’m right it’s nothing you see. I just lived life my way, mostly for me!

But if I ‘m wrong!

Well then it will be God’s Hell Fire that I will have to pay!

Yes! For believing only in myself, power and wealth and those damn New York Yankees!


In Truth, I do believe in God, Love and Family … but no longer those Damn Yankees!

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The Hard Salami Facts!

Love my hard salami. Even though every slice I eat may shorten my lifespan by at least a day…….

But I do exaggerate a bit!

Is salami healthy?

Well, like most everything else, it can fit into a healthy diet if only an occasional indulgence.

Yes! Apart from the wonderful spicy taste, salami is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Consuming 26 gram of salami offers 0.8 µg of Vitamin B-12, 296 mg of Sodium, 5.77 g of Total Fat, 53 mg of Phosphorus, 10.7 µg of Fluoride, 0.57 mg of Iron, 3.8 µg of Selenium, 3.28 g of Protein and 0.049 mg of Copper. Moreover many Amino acids 0.036 g of Tryptophan,0.148 g of Threonine, 0.169 g of Isoleucine, 0.287 g of Leucine, 0.3 g of Lysine, 0.091 g of Methionine are also found in 26 gram of salami.

Well then, if it shortens my lifespan at least I’ll be a lot healthier to the end!

And Yes! This is definitely no baloney!

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The Almighty Reptilian Brain Rules!

Neuroscientist Paul MacLean conceived the ‘Triune Brain’ model in which three major brain structures are thought to be in control of the major aspects of human thought and behavior.

Yes. We have three brain structures: a human brain; a mammalian brain; and a Reptilian brain.

NOTE: And may I add that many men have a fourth brain located elsewhere in their body!

The ‘reptilian’ or ‘primal brain, is in charge of our basic, primal drives, such as self-preservation, preservation of family, aggression, dominance, and reproduction.

And may I also include for many, an overriding, unceasing urge to blog and associated blog follower territoriality.

One of the major functions of the primal brain is to help us distinguish between threatening and non-threatening stimuli. At its most basic form, this function is represented in our ability to distinguish between familiar objects, things, people, scenarios, etc. and unfamiliar objects, etc. immediately.

Designing according to the primal brain can encompass all of the basic drives we have, but one of the most effective ways of targeting the primal brain is to make new things seem familiar.

Do I really know what I’m talking about?

Hell no!!!

Just an excuse to show a cute Reptilian drawing.