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That Really Great Wall of Ourselves!

Learned something new today from Soumili …Research Work#3.

We all know about the Great Wall of China that connected the fortifications built by various states during Spring and Autumn (771-476 BC) and the Warring State periods (475-221 BC).

They were connected by the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, to protect his newly formed Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) against incursions by nomads from Inner Asia.


Now, I know that there is a second great wall: the Great Wall of Kumbhalgarh, in the State Rajasthan in the west of India. Work began in 1443 and was completed a century later. It was later enlarged in the 19th century.

During the reign of Maharana Pratap (1572-?), the 13th Rajput King of Mewar (now the present state of Rajasthan), the wall was said to have held so many lamps that it enabled local farmers to work day and night.

But is was constructed mainly to protect 360 temples.


But I think the third Great Wall is the one we build around ourself based on our beliefs, bigotries, cultures and worldview to protect us from the outside world. The wall that is our …










Stumbling block



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Just Staring From My Chair!

First, I could only just lay there mostly on my back with a blank, blissful stare.

Then maybe wiggle and rollover in my crib or on the floor without a care.

Then I could do brief baby push ups with a smile of joy on my face.

Then crawl, sit up, stand up, and walk wobbly and fall.

Then finally I could walk proudly: yes I could walk standing tall. I even remember the day I learned to tie my shoe laces. I think it was in the Fall.

Then I could run and play cowboys with a gun in my hand.

Learned to ride a bike. Oh the fun, the games and no cares.

I even tried some Evil Kenevil stunts and was carried home in a chair.

Yes, I would walk or bike to various places. I hitch hiked, learned to ice and roller skate; fell through the ice. The scare!

And yes, again I did things in and around the water galore.

But then, finally, at last, I got my first car. Now, I was able to travel near, between, and far. Yes, I have traveled millions of miles so far in over a dozen cars.

In the interim, well, I flew in airplanes, rode in trains, again did things in the water galore. I was even in the cockpit of a KC-135 Tanker as a spectator when emergency struck: quick, steep, hard landing for sure.

I even tried my luck at flying myself in a Piper Cub. Air Force Major Major was my instructor and that’s no Catch-22 joke for sure. But mostly now, I just fly in my lucid dreams in seems.

But oh, the years have taken their toll. Now I just mainly walk, blog, roll over, talk and act like a fool.

And more and more I just sit in my chair, lay on my couch and just stare!

Stare at movies, TV shows, read books, write in notebooks, give wistful looks and who else knows. And watch other people doing and enjoying sometimes the things I used to do!

Yes! I just mainly gawk, remember and incessantly over talk!

But thank God I’m not dead to the world, as of yet. I’m not off to what or whatever place, who knows!

Yes, I can proudly proclaim for all who care to hear. That I can still get up from my couch or chair; and walk tall for short distances if I dare.

And most proudly… occasionally on my tippy toes …

with a blank, blissful stare!

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You Have a What!?

When I used to get my haircut, the barber or stylist would often say you have one hell of a cowlick and your hair grows like wildfire. But now as I’m getting older everyday, my cowlick has morphed into just a run-of-the- mill horse turd!

Hey! What’s with you always substituting an ass for a horse!? And a zebra? A squirrel admiring his nuts!?

You sure do need a lot of tender rest!

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Try a Little Tender Rest!

I sometimes
Do get weary
Down in the dumps weary
Trying so hard to impress
But when I get so weary
All I need is a little
Much needed tender rest
Yeah yeah…


Otis Redding may be rolling over in his grave.

But I do hope not!

He died December 10, 1967 and most likely went to Soul Train Heaven!