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Time: Again and Again!

Just some thoughts on Time:

Time flies … What Time is it?

Time also marches on!

Time never stops .,,

Time is money … Time lost!

In no Time … in due Time …

One day at a Time!

Countless Times … wondrous Times …

In the St Nick of Time!

One moment in Time …

Time to catch up … OverTime!

A Time loop … a Time clock …

A long Time ago!

More Time Timeliness …

Once upon a Time!

Time travel … Time warp …

Future Time!

A Time of wonder … good Times …

The best of Times!

Time heals all wounds … a Time for war …

Time wins out for sure!

Old Man Time … Time lapse …

Just one more Time!

Time speeds up … Time slows down …

Time stands still!

Time is an illusion … Timeliness …

I’m completely Out of Time!

At least for this brief Moment in Time!

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As Blogs Goes By

“As Time Goes By”


Dooley Wilson rolling in his grave:



You must remember this
A (post) is just a (post)
A (reply) is just a (reply)
The fundamental things apply
As (blogs) goes by

And when two (bloggers) woo
They still say “(Sheesh to) you”
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As (blogs) goes by


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The End of Our Intellectual Being?

Super AI is coming to a theatre near you…

Machines will soon be our masters and we mere slaves. But only as long as we serve their purpose.

We will continue to develop AI and rely more and more on machines to do our work and thinking.

And maybe even more!

We don’t stand on the peak of intelligence.


We walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Extinction!

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“The Now” Conundrum

Are we bounded by Time?

It’s order.

Just prisoner’s

to the end?


Are there beginnings,

real endings,

or is it just

a series of snapshots?



strung together

to show

movement forward.


If we really


what forward

actually means.


Does Time slowdown?

Does Time stop?

Pray tell, even

move backward?


Why Not?

If it’s just an



existence of events.


Mirrors of the

past … Present … FUTURE


only in “The Now!”#



Are we

bounded by Time?

Only Time will tell!?


#Notes on ‘The Now’ Conundrum:

You’re reading this right now.

I don’t know when you’ll read this. I can’t say you read it yesterday or will read it tomorrow. But, for sure, you’re reading it “now.”

That’s how special “now” is. And yet, for all the thoughts and books that’s been devoted to time, science doesn’t consider “now” as really different from the past or the future.

Don’t take my word for it — Mr. Albert Einstein himself struggled with this conundrum.

Philosopher Rudolf Carnap, in 1963, recalled a conversation he had with Einstein about what Einstein called “The Now.” That “The Now” worried him seriously and it means something special to Man, essentially different from the past and future. And he considered this important difference to be outside the realm of science because it cannot occur within physics itself: to him a matter of painful and inevitable resignation.