Do Behold … The Bee Holder!

Yes! HCMORRIS77 ……Art, beauty and everything else is in the Eye of the Omnipotent Bee Holder! Yes! You ain’t nothin’ but a bee hound Buzzin’ all the time You ain’t nothin’ but a bee hound Buzzin’ all the time Well, you ain’t never got some honey So, you ain’t no friend of mine! Sings Elvis…… Continue reading Do Behold … The Bee Holder!

The Dirt About What’s Up With Earth?

Yes! Even Earth Has Faults: North American Plate (to much individualism) African Plate (blame it on Colonialism) South American Plate (Tacos and Volcanos) Pacific Plate (slightly tilted) Weird Earth “Mind” Faults:Cryptozoology – the study of unknown or ‘hidden’ creatures, like the Loch Nest Minister, Big Thing and the ‘new’ New Jersey Devil (Holy Chris Christie).…… Continue reading The Dirt About What’s Up With Earth?

The Evolution Solution Reblogged!

Oh, The Horror…👹👹👹 DISCLAIMER:The following does not necessarily represent the view(s) of this poster who maybe once was or in the future will be a monkey or a resident of California! And let’s just put religion and science aside! This is no more than my lame attempt at humor! Let The Truth Finally Be Told!…… Continue reading The Evolution Solution Reblogged!

Why? … No! …. How?

Yes! The Boy & The Bird walking in space or in rain!!! Why? …… Why Not!?No! How!???That may be the ultimate question that devolving man cannot answer …… Like ‘how now brown cow’ …? Anyhow!? P.S. Little fiber and makes little sense!

A Padded Cell Awaits!

A thought-provoking question from Kieran! Shouldn’t you (also) be writing with your left foot? Maybe then you could get a book and movie deal! ************************ Yes!!! I write equally well with both my left and right hands in various positions. Then Y not then with both feet in various toe positions while laying on my…… Continue reading A Padded Cell Awaits!

Good Night, Mrs. Calabash! Good Night, Free World!

James Francis (Jimmy) Durante was an American singer, pianist, comedian, and actor. His famous sign off to his 1950s TV show became another familiar national catchphrase: Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are! What follows is definite opinion:Was Mrs. Calabash “Made in China?” No. Not then! But most likely today! And if things remain the…… Continue reading Good Night, Mrs. Calabash! Good Night, Free World!