Hey You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

“Mind your own beeswax” and “it’s none of your beeswax” are common phrases you might hear being shouted by six-year-olds on the school playground; by a arrogant senator at a Senate Hearing or by immature bloggers on WordPress. That’s a good enough reason to use it: for me! For the uninitiated, they basically mean “mind…… Continue reading Hey You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Of Slobbering Dogs and Plotting Cats!

Just my objective-subjective experience. Or is it just plain stupidity?A dog loves us even though they know we are not a dog. A cat? I’d surely eat you if you were smaller! Dogs are very hyper social pets. Cats are surreptitious psychopets! Dogs will sleep on your bed lovingly anticipating your eventual wake up. Cats…… Continue reading Of Slobbering Dogs and Plotting Cats!

Close Encounters of The Scariest Kind!

A few Close Encounters of the Scariest Kind!But the scariest by far was the squirrelly, squirrely squirrel! With my Sicilian Grandmother a close second! Hell! In comparison to my grandmother, the grey alien was kind of cute! Maybe my Nonna had some squirrelly squirrel DNA! Notes:Squirrels get very angry when they return home after a…… Continue reading Close Encounters of The Scariest Kind!

Damn Pam Pizza on Her Mind!

My wife, Cute Judy Lee, has pizza on her mind. It’s ‘Are we going to get pizza today?’ Yes, every day, in the evening, afternoon and in the early morning too. Cheese pizza… a blend of four-cheeses hold the pepperoni … Onions, garlic, green and hot peppers too. Add basil and I’ll sprinkle with Italian…… Continue reading Damn Pam Pizza on Her Mind!

Who Are The Real ‘Powers To Be!’ Not You and Me!

Things always seem to go on as usual you see!No matter the President and the other politicians be. Yes! Things always go on as usual. Because the ‘powers to be’ are not really ‘The Real Powers to be!’ … You see!? ****** ****** What will happen after COVID-19? We’ll definitely or is it biased-ly see!…… Continue reading Who Are The Real ‘Powers To Be!’ Not You and Me!

Barefoot On The Ark!

Carlo Espiritu’s very insightful comment on a recent post, Watch Out! The Birds Have Pooped! I saw a quote or something that says if you walk outside with bare feet, you connect with nature. This is probably nature’s way of telling you it’s got some sense of humor, too.😜 ************************ My Reply:Ain’t that the shits!…… Continue reading Barefoot On The Ark!

Again! You’re Talking Aloud to Yourself!

When morning, noon and night my wife is harshly saying, “You said Pam!!! And who is Pam, anyway!?” No dear … there is no Pam! Or asking for the time, “What time is it?” It’s nine! No! It’s 8! And is it morning or night? You see, Cute Judy Lee is always an hour behind.…… Continue reading Again! You’re Talking Aloud to Yourself!

One More Time With Feeling!!!

“If you like this, you’re not very intelligent!” So says my wife. eEverything has only led to noNothing! Information is not knowledge. It is just a dim shadow of the reflection of knowledge! Or is that a reflection of the dim shadow of knowledge!? Only ‘The Shadow Knows!!!’ Just say ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ No you…… Continue reading One More Time With Feeling!!!