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Barefoot On The Ark!

Carlo Espiritu’s very insightful comment on a recent post, Watch Out! The Birds Have Pooped!

I saw a quote or something that says if you walk outside with bare feet, you connect with nature. This is probably nature’s way of telling you it’s got some sense of humor, too.😜


My Reply:

Ain’t that the shits!

Barefoot in the park;

barefoot spooking dogs that bark;

even Noah and his brood

were Holy Barefoot Walkers

on that 300 cubits

by 30 cubits

by 50 cubits Ark!





Oh My God!


Cute Pickle … but the feet seem to have Fungal Anxiety Disorder!

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This Time With Feeling!

My thanks to Charles Dimwin:

“If you like this, you’re not very intelligent!” So says my wife.

eEverything has only led to noNothing!

Information is not knowledge. It is just a dim shadow of the reflection of knowledge!

Or is that a reflection of the dim shadow of knowledge!?

Only ‘The Shadow Knows!!!’

Just say ‘Ho!’ No you can’t say that! It’s not politically correct!


Santa Claus, himself, was murdered in Chicago last Christmas Eve for just ringing a bell and saying, ‘Ho Ho Ho,’ in the wrong neighborhood!

Question not!  You see!’

Cause computers only give you the answers!

The Mantra of Our Time: … “Think Not! … Understand Not! … Say Only Not!” ……. and then run for political office!

Recording life with selfies has replaced ‘real’ life! Or is it, ‘reel’ life!l

Are we just streaming this … and streaming that … and learning naught!

The Machine Stops Here!

Yes, machines are ‘tech-no-logy’ which is just another word for ‘no-ology-what-so-ever!’

Computers have led to the the death of ‘movie critics thinking!’

No! That’s ‘critical thinking!’

We are only living in a faint stimulation of the dim reflection of the ‘reel’ world!

Didn’t you already say that!?

In the hood … On the hood … Surviving in the hood as best we could! ……. (South LA Confidential in the Hood)

There is no past! No present! No future! Just a Big Bang!


Cosmological Philosophy? …

No! History, as taught in today’s schools!

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You! Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Mind your own beeswax” and “it’s none of your beeswax” are common phrases you might hear being shouted by six-year-olds on the school playground or immature bloggers on WordPress.

For the uninitiated, they basically mean “mind your own business” or “it’s none of your business,” but some people think it’s more complicated than that.

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Tomato Montage Doodle Soup for the Soul!

A reheated and renamed past post!

All around the blogging world, people seem to agree that there is something so comforting about a hot bowl of tomato montage doodle soup. It warms you up from the backside in and out.

Add some tomato pasty scribbles to slurp, easy to chew doodle veggies, and the belly-filling goodness of chicken (?) and you’ve got yourself a winning prescription for health and happiness.

Even if you’re not feeling dumb or stupid, this healthy soup from the Tesla 3-6-9 Memory Loss Challenge is a filling meal for any blogger. It’s also a great meal to prepare for a blogger who is sick, creatively challenged or contipated!

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You Should Not Question The Shadow!

What is it with you sometimes, anyway!? You sometimes come off boastful, arrogant and spew out a lot of hot air and BS!?



All I can say is don’t question The Shadow and especially Tony ‘the phony poet’ Spitsarelli!

Tony is on parole!

As for The Shadow!? Only he really knows for sure!


Some History:

The Shadow is the name of a collection of serialized dramas, orginally 1930s pulp novels, and then in other media.

One of the most famous adventure heroes of 20th century North America, the Shadow has been featured on the radio, in a long-running pulp magazine series, in American comic books, comic strips, television, serials, video games, and at least five feature films. The radio drama included episodes voiced by Orson Welles.