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To Whom Those That Can Truly Discern!

For all the lonely hearts who have been spurned and burned over and over again by the same types of people. And there appear to be many, indeed!


If you accidently happen to crash into a large glass window (which I have), well, that was a mistake.

But if you happen to crash into the same large glass window, over and over again, then what is that?

Maybe, you need to take a different route!


Do you realize just how many bloggers you will ‘piss off’ if they happen to read this stupid post!?


Not many!

Most people just ‘like’ and don’t even read the post! That is unless you can ‘piss them off!’

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I Hear A Machine!!!

A machine?

You have my iphone and it’s turned off.

You’re iphone is off and near you.

The computer is on the other side of the apartment .

And the Smart TV is turned off and unplugged!

What machine do you hear, my dear?

The fan humming in the living room?

Ants on the floor or spiders on the wall?

Or maybe aliens; ghosts; the appartment groaning; or a gentle breeze whispering that you hear!

I hear a machine and it’s

PAM that I fear!!!


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Watch Out! The Birds Have Pooped!

If only I had known what awaited me that faithful morning when a neighbor saw me walking barefoot to begin my usual uneventful morning stroll:

Watch out! The birds have pooped!”

Yes! If only I could relive that brief moment in time and have heeded that warning instead of going on to walk where ‘no stroller had gone before!’ How different my life would have transpired and be at this particilar moment in time!

Yes! Not even Stephen King in his wildest imagination and ‘coked out’ on diet coke could have penned or finger-typed such a dastardly tale as that that awaited me as I casually walked out of my 50-plus complex and onto that innocent sidewalk littered with bird droppings. Bird feces I should have taken heed of and surely avoided!

But!!! …………

To be contined after I wash my feet, put on some holeless socks, and rap my holeless belt around my dirty frayed gray shorts.