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Universal Sunday Brunch Is Mostly BS!

There is no Sunday in space so imaging Universal Sunday Brunch is definitely a waste!We live in an infinite ever expanding Universe of warped space and time. A Universe of energy, frequencies and vibrations of matter, antimatter, dark matter; and maybe anti-energy and dark energy. Maybe even multiple infinite Universes, dimensions, mirror-images, timelines; and multiple you’s: the good, the bad and the ugly!

As for time: Does Time exist in Empty Space?

No! Time doesn’t exist in Empty Space!

It should …. be understood that Time is not something that is contained in the Dimensions of Space. Everything is affected by Time in the Universe. Spacetime includes”always” – there’s no “before the beginning”, so spacetime has existed as long as space time has existed. And that’s one definition of “always” – as long as spacetime has existed. Since space and time are linked, space has existed as long as time has, so it’s “always” existed.


So as you surely can surmise, about time and space, I am in no way wise!

So as for you,

lighten up

chill out

have a timeless life

in the infinite Universal Zoo

or Universes of Zoos!

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What a Loser Was Albert Einstein!?

Albert Einstein today as a child would probably be on drugs diagnosed with ADHD or Autism!

He didn’t talk until 4.

His grandmother called him ‘thick’ or not very smart.

Repeated words and sentences over and over until he was 7.

Maybe had a form of autism.

Didn’t learn to read until 9 and didn’t like school.

He was disorganized, forgot things, his lectures were hard to follow – the classical ‘absent-minded’ professor.

He attended a Catholic elementary school in Munich until he was 12.

Dropped out of high school at 16.

Failed the entrance exam the first time he applied for college!

What a loser by today’s standards!

But still the greatest creative scientific mind in history!

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Tickle My Neurons, Please!

A work of art, music, a majestic vista, a group of animals—tickle the neurons in our heads the most.

And recent research has shown that humor and laughter may be the healthiest things our brains can experience.

So boldly jest where no one has dared to rib-tickle before!

Embrace the absurb, inappropriate, and unusual …

Be different …

Draw a cartoon …

Think Out-of-the-Box …

Break wind in a crowded elevator …

Post a joke …

Exercise and stimulate your Humorocampus (?) to alleviate the cognitive symptoms of depression!


Laugh, activate your brains, tickle your neurons, and enhance your well-bring!


Reader’s Digest, September 2019, Laugh Yourself Smarter: How Humor Builds Brains.

Adam Piore

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Ploonet of the Apes!


What is a Ploonet?

Is this the work of that damn spellchecker again? You know! One words becomes three or the word becomes an entirely different unrelated word. You don’t mean lowercase. It’s uppercase you moron!

A Ploonet is a Moon that has been rejected by it’s planet or just become a snack or treat for a ravenous Star!

Some newly discovered planets may actually just be lonely Ploonets! Some Ploonets may have Moons themselves. It is just “The Cycle of Moons!”

The movie, Ploonet of the Apes, is in works as I post! NOT!


Are you kidding me!? What are you smokin’! You have finally entered the WordPress Outer Limits!

Making this up? I did a search and could find no such celestial object called a Ploonet! Anywhere!

Well! I saw it on YouTube, Bright Side, so it must be true! But for now they do exist for me. And surely only The Shadow really knows for sure!

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What Makes A Squirrel Squirrelly?

Yes! There are a lot of crazy squirrels out there!

And some of the things that really drive them nuts are:

If they sense you don’t share their worldview and politics!

Sound familiar?

If they return home after a long day of feeding to find that the path to their abode has been blocked off. When squirrels can’t get back their usual way they do what comes natural – they go bonkers and try to find a new way.

Sound familiar?

If you infringe on their territory or space which happens to be everywhere around them.

There must be a lot of squirrels in Washington DC.

Because they’re a squirrel. And that’s what squirrels naturally do?

As are so many of us!

If they have a sore throat and can’t make the usual chirping sounds and/or can’t expel a little gas!

A fart that is!

Because they’re bullies at heart, especially if they smell fear waffling from us humans!

Good hygiene can help!

If there are no Mad Squirrel Breweries in the local area!

Especially on Sundays during the Nutball season!

If you get to close to their paw-made leather motorcycle jackets or sissy ball bags.

But only in North America!

If the previous Homo Sapien they encountered really pissed them off!

Wait! That applies to most of us!

if they have been infected with Mad Squirrel Disease!

They must all be infected!

If you feed them. If you don’t feed them! If they sense you may or may not feed them!

What the hell does that mean!

If they sense you might mess with their nuts!

Male squirrels that is!!!

Female squirrels? The just harbor ‘nut envy!’


Does anyone out there have any other reasons to share!?


But fear not though! You see, squirrels don’t carry rabies. They are however known to carry the bubonic plague.