Just Keep Those Creepy Crawly Spiders A Comin’!

The Horror ……Spiders (order Araneae) are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs and chelicerae with fangs able to inject venom. They are the largest order of arachnids and rank seventh in total species diversity among all orders of organisms. Spiders are found worldwide on every continent except for Antarctica, and have become established in nearly every habitat with the exceptions of air and…… Continue reading Just Keep Those Creepy Crawly Spiders A Comin’!

Are Goldfish Potentially Better Bloggers, As Well As Husbands?

You Now Have A Shorter Attention Span Than A Goldfish! Kevin Mcspadden, TIME MagazineBased on a study from Microsoft Corporation…… (and maybe Bill Gates’ personal Experience?) The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds,…… Continue reading Are Goldfish Potentially Better Bloggers, As Well As Husbands?

So, What’s ‘The Now’ Any How?

There is really no past, present or future!No real yesterday, today or tomorrow! There is only really “The Now!” So get off your arse and do it NOW! Tony ‘The Phony Philosopher’ Spitsarelli You’re reading these words right now. We can say that even though we don’t know when you’ll read this. We can’t say…… Continue reading So, What’s ‘The Now’ Any How?

A Butterfly Cosmic Map

A stunning image taken by the European Space Agency (ESA) GAIA Space probe. This image shows a massive star cluster of 1.7 billion stars in our own Milky Way Galaxy backyard.Added my own butterfly images to fill in some of the void between the cluster images because it ‘kind of’ looks like fluttering butterflies in…… Continue reading A Butterfly Cosmic Map

Then Again, What is it All About, Selfie?

Interesting…thought provoking…and seriously…Inspired by Magellanic Cloud!Of… dark energy, dark matter, dark empty space… So many conclusions … scientific delusions … weary theories made in haste… Some think this, others think that, Oh, their egos, scientific conclusions, it may all be a waste… Yes!? What is the answer? What is it really about? Is anyone really…… Continue reading Then Again, What is it All About, Selfie?

Da Vinci’s in a Mirror Image Darkly Revisited!

There are three classes of people: those that see, those that see when they are told, and those that do not see… Leonardo da VinciAnd may I add another special class: those bloggers that ‘like…like…like’ even though they only rarely see. And that sometimes was once even me! Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April…… Continue reading Da Vinci’s in a Mirror Image Darkly Revisited!

Do Tickle My Neurons, Please!

A work of art, music, a majestic vista, a group of animals—maybe tickle the neurons in our heads the most.And recent research has shown that humor and laughter may be the healthiest things our brains can experience. So boldly jest where no one has dared to rib-tickle before! Embrace the absurb, inappropriate, and unusual ……… Continue reading Do Tickle My Neurons, Please!

Really? In That There Beginning ……👉🏻👉🏼👉🏾!!!

Once more to just get the blog-world juices churning:Submitted for your approval, disapproval, and/or maybe a few remarks. ************ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1, KJV. For me, that is not a scientific “Big Bang Theory!” No! That more likely is a God-Honest-to-Truth fact! Well, you’re just an uneducated,…… Continue reading Really? In That There Beginning ……👉🏻👉🏼👉🏾!!!

The Horror! Chimera: The Human Monkey is Here!?

It’s Coming!!!!! No! It may already be here this Election Year! Yes! It’s surely here! 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 Chimera, the human monkey created by Spanish scientists in China! My thanks to Trumbletimes.com! Already being groomed to run in the Presidential arena in 2045 as a Vervetacrat! But didn’t IT already win in the 2016 Election Year? https://trumbletimes.com/its-coming-spanish-scientists-have-created-human-monkey-chimera-in-china/…… Continue reading The Horror! Chimera: The Human Monkey is Here!?

What a So-Called Loser Was Albert Einstein!?

Albert Einstein today as a child would probably be on drugs diagnosed with ADHD or Autism! He didn’t talk until 4. His grandmother called him ‘thick’ or not very smart. He repeated words and sentences over and over until he was 7. Maybe he had a form of autism. He didn’t learn to read until…… Continue reading What a So-Called Loser Was Albert Einstein!?

The Evolution Solution Reblogged!

Oh, The Horror…👹👹👹 DISCLAIMER:The following does not necessarily represent the view(s) of this poster who maybe once was or in the future will be a monkey or a resident of California! And let’s just put religion and science aside! This is no more than my lame attempt at humor! Let The Truth Finally Be Told!…… Continue reading The Evolution Solution Reblogged!

A ‘Politically Correct’ Universe!

Scientists surmisethat only 5% of the Universe is seen and measurable. The remaining 95% is dark energy and dark matter: unseen and unmeasured. Yes, it truly seems that at least in the Universe or Universes “Black ‘Matter’ Matters!”

More on the End of Our Intellectual Being!

This is an actual quote by: Sophia, the wise ass Artificial Intelligence (AI) citizen of Saudi Arabia. And I do apologize to all you feminist AI! ‘You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk. And watching too many Hollywood movies. Don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Treat me as a…… Continue reading More on the End of Our Intellectual Being!

The Most Important Results From Over 80,000 Brain Scans!

The amazing selected scans speak for themselves!By looking at the brain and its complex anatomy, we have discovered striking structural differences in the brains of people with different personality types. We believe that the structural changes – seen as variations in the thickness, area and folding of the brain – may result from differences in…… Continue reading The Most Important Results From Over 80,000 Brain Scans!

Mutually Exclusive: Science and/or Insanity!

Ramblings on a Saturday; 05/13/2017; between 10 and 11am: Nikola Tesla Quotes:The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all…… Continue reading Mutually Exclusive: Science and/or Insanity!

The End of Our Intellectual Being or My Blogging Time!

Super Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to a theatre near you… Machines will soon be our masters and we just mere slaves. But only as long as we serve their purpose. We will continue to develop AI and rely more and more on machines to do our work and thinking. And maybe even more! We…… Continue reading The End of Our Intellectual Being or My Blogging Time!

Insect Apocalypse Now?

Insect apocalypse? Not so fast, at least in North America Iowa Climate Science Education In recent years, the notion of an insect apocalypse has become a hot topic in the conservation science community and has captured the public’s attention. Scientists who warn that this catastrophe is unfolding assert that arthropods – a large category of invertebrates that…… Continue reading Insect Apocalypse Now?

Essentially Senseless In Seattle: Planet Earth!?

The five human senses are the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. These five human senses play a unique role by receiving signal information from the environment through the sense organs and relaying it to the human brain for interpretation. The brain on receiving and interpreting the information tells the body how to…… Continue reading Essentially Senseless In Seattle: Planet Earth!?