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The Days of Vines and Posies!

The days of vines and posies

we laugh and skip away

like flower buds at play…

Through the meadow

toward the outhouse door…

A door marked “give me more”

that wasn’t there before!

The lonely nights

disclose a passing breeze…

Filled with memories

of your golden smiling teeth…

That, damn it,

introduced me to

The days of vines and posies

You and me

under that tree



on our knees!


My sincerest apilogies to Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer for the 1964 Grammy Award song

The Days of Wine and Roses!

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Sad, Sorrowful, Saturday Satire on the Sabbath!

Isn’t it ironic that one can exaggerate and ridicule to their heart’s content but in essence only really expose their own stupidity and vices!

Are you talkin’ about me!?

Whether it’s comtemporary politics; a myriad of other stinging issues; prevailing vices; and/or about the follies, jollies and for some woman, the falsies, of the human existence in an ever-expanding universe of energy, frequencies and vibrations!

And yes for some … fibrators!

And you know who you are!

So, wake up!

Do get up!

Man up!

Lady’s of the Lake on roller skates face caked with make-up for God’s sake on the Sabbath, no less … Wait!

Woman up!

But most importantly …

Lighten Up!

My basic essence is satire enough!