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Tuesday True Truisms!

What is the difference between the Kardashian’s and mad dogs “dashing after cars!?”

The size of there butts!

Boo … Hiss … Mean … 👅 …. $&@#!!!

You days are numbered and your followers are decreasing as you post!

I’m truly sorry! And I do humbly apologize to the dogs!

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Cow Mooosings Monday!

It’s not Monday! It’s Friday! Do you have Mad Cow Disease!?


How can you tell if a cow belongs to a Colombian ‘milk’ cartel?

It has a gangsta ‘stache mooostache!

… Pablina Escowbar … ‘Milk’ Lord ……


Where can you ogle sexy centerfolds of gorgeous cows in bikinis?


Courtesy Hugh Heifer…