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A Very Healthy Saturday Morning Brew!i

What a way to start your typical day.

I do say!

A Slow Lemon Fizz:

Start with a cup containing 3-4 oz of water:

Then add:

1/2 tsp of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

a hefty tsp of 100% Certified Organic Raw Honey

Heat for two to three minutes

That should do the trick!

Add a scoop of Magnesium Lemon Fizz

Watch it fizz

Stir and beat down that damn overflowing fizz as necessary!

Add more water or Green Tea

and maybe a dark chocolate truffle you see!



Then take a pee……


Like most,

you probably



did not see

what was going on

in the photo above!


We look

but rarely really see.

That’s why

we often

make a mess


we do pee!


There are ants everywhere…

Even planting a victory flag

after having climbed

Mount Everplant!

And a cute lemon

wishing you

a Nice Day!

As Carlo Espiritu did say!

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Chocolatte Truffle, Honey-Laced Coffee…🍩🍯☕️

Sans the donut, please…… No chocolate emoticon I fear! Sorry, Mr Policeman!


Take one fancy cub … no cup

Add milk and/or (flavored) coffee

Drop in a dark chocolate truffle or two

Add a hefty spoonful of raw organic honey

Microwave for a minute or two……


Enjoy …

I love it … my wife and daughter love it … our emotional-support dog, Oreo, loves it!

No! No!! No!!!

Even a little bit of chocolate can make your dog ill. Dark chocolates, baking chocolate, and dry cocoa powder are more dangerous than white or milk chocolate.

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