How To Eat A Leaning Sandwich in Pisa with Pizza!

From the Dumbest Blog Ever! Sandwiches are a very popular food. They taste good, they’re convenient and easy to eat. If you’re trying to figure out the best method for consuming… 390: How To Eat A Sandwich With the dumbest and most appropriate reply ever! I’ve been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a…

Grow Where You Are Planted

Julie Barbera post reblog: In thinking about a leaf, it doesn’t grow overnight. And the tree from which it originates goes through many stages of growth. The same tree that … Read full article in post below: Grow Where You Are Planted Excerpt from Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of Perfection by Julie…

Even Butterflies Can Bee Free…loaders!

A Screen Savior to Save the World? NOT! Butterflies are Free and even Bumble Bees sometimes have to Pee! 🍃🌿🌾🌝🌼💐👻🐝…💥 Do butterflies & bumble bees pee? Well! It all depends on their worldview and politics! Save the Planet … Save the World … Vote to Demote!!!

Money Is? Really!?

Money is a necessary need. But it should not be the ultimate goal of life! Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein are or were all about money and power and where did it get them? And a couple of President’s and some rich and famous for ‘this and that’ are running scared also, especially those overexposed…

Hang in There!

A wall is a wall whether real imagined brick car board cement and/or mortar! ************ Sometimes our walls exist just to see who has the strength to knock them down. Darnell Lamont Walker