The Blog From Psycho!

When in doubt … Do Nothing! Ghost Ted Says: 🎈👻******************** Psycho Blog Quotes:Norman Bates: People always mean well. They cluck their thick tongues and shake their heads and suggest oh, so very delicately… Norman Bates: Mother! Oh, God, Mother! Blood! Blood!! Norman Bates: A boy’s best friend is his mother. Norman Bates: We all go a little mad sometimes.…… Continue reading The Blog From Psycho!

What’s Up, Pussycat?

The pussycat meowed frightened a tiny mouse so Lion do beware! And never, never, everget caught in a dream in an exposed flush toilet without your underwear! Woah, woah … woah, woah! What’s NEW Pussycat to You!

Quick Quirky Quotes

On Wednesday No Less:Morning quickies photos clickies let sleepy dogs lickie and lie! ****** Without women there’d be no men without men there’d be no wars! ****** Do what you love… don’t settle for what you don’t!

How To Eat A Leaning Sandwich in Pisa with Pizza!

From the Dumbest Blog Ever! Sandwiches are a very popular food. They taste good, they’re convenient and easy to eat. If you’re trying to figure out the best method for consuming… 390: How To Eat A Sandwich With the dumbest and most appropriate reply ever! I’ve been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a…… Continue reading How To Eat A Leaning Sandwich in Pisa with Pizza!

Even Butterflies Can Bee Free…loaders!

A Screen Savior to Save the World? NOT! Butterflies are Free and even Bumble Bees sometimes have to Pee! 🍃🌿🌾🌝🌼💐👻🐝…💥 Do butterflies & bumble bees pee? Well! It all depends on their worldview and politics! Save the Planet … Save the World … Vote to Demote!!!

Mark Twain Performs For Our Time!

http://www.marktwainperforms.comI hate to hear people say this Judge will vote so and so, because he is a Democrat — and this one so and so because he is a Republican. It is shameful. The Judges have the Constitution for their guidance; they have no right to any politics save the politics of rigid right and…… Continue reading Mark Twain Performs For Our Time!

Hang in There!

A wall is a wall whether real imagined brick car board cement and/or mortar! ************ Sometimes our walls exist just to see who has the strength to knock them down. Darnell Lamont Walker