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Bird Droppings From the Sky!

Give yourself permission to fail…

Become a passer-by not distracted by the superficial smoke screens…

Say the things that make you strong…

Life is all about energy, frequencies and vibrations…

Respect others and you too will be respected…

Teach the essentials … not just meaningless activities…

Be prepared to live off the grid. Not locked and filled with fear…

Behavior is an expression of the problem, not the problem itself.

Don’t just read books! Use them as necessary to get knowledge and wisdom, not just information…

Find the source of the illness, don’t just treat the symptoms…

The Kennedy’s never cry! They just Die!

Don’t be fooled by superficial charm…

Live Long and Prosper!

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My Life On Gummy Bears!

Some things said and experienced in my dobedobedobe do dubious past:

You’ve come a long way from where you came from, “WOP!” My commanding officer in South Korea!

“You should not expect to ever go to college!” Quoth my high school counselor, Nevermore!

Yes! I have encountered far to many boring idiots, baffoons, blockheads, and nincompoops! Some even when I brush my teeth in front of my bathroom mirror!

I’m now living in ‘Nasty Valley’ surrounded by NYC rude!

Just sending far to many emails and now blog posts mainly to myself!

You never told me that … Papa!

I was once saved by a giant, green, Cuban lizard, no less!

“You know, we never thought of your father as being Italian!”

Well, Uncle Ken; I never thought of you as being an Asshole!

But I sure do now!

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Nothing Stays the Same!

Reach out!

Run the Marathon of Life.

Reach more people.

Blog more!?

Read, read, read …… out loud to yourself if possible!

Reach a new balance in your life.

Cut back on your iPhone and machine usage!

But you just said blog more!

Augment the voice in your life.

Don’t forget the math: the equations of the Universe and your life!


If nothing else, have a better relationship with The Creator!

Nothing stays the same.

Something is amiss.

Don’t settle for the lame.


Nothing stays the same!