What Would Sigmund Freud and Kermit The Frog Think!?

A reply from Rethinking Scripture to my post, The Blogging Chaos Theory! Oh my goodness!! Just a thought, I wonder what Freud would have said about your artwork!? Well!? Surely Freud would never wear a Santa Suit!  Not even in his wildest, lucid dreams, you see!In Freud’s view, my humor and artwork happens when my…… Continue reading What Would Sigmund Freud and Kermit The Frog Think!?

Just a Flicker of Lies!

Three tall towers in NYC did so miraculously happen to fall ‘free fall’ on 9/11… Jeffrey Epstein did so happen to commit apparent suicide, having been ‘on but then off’ suicide watch as the camera that watched his cell went blank and the guards did not visit every 30 minutes or so as required just…… Continue reading Just a Flicker of Lies!

Do Behold … The Bee Holder!

Yes! HCMORRIS77 ……Art, beauty and everything else is in the Eye of the Omnipotent Bee Holder! Yes! You ain’t nothin’ but a bee hound Buzzin’ all the time You ain’t nothin’ but a bee hound Buzzin’ all the time Well, you ain’t never got some honey So, you ain’t no friend of mine! Sings Elvis…… Continue reading Do Behold … The Bee Holder!

You Say You’re What!?

Genetically, I’m a Mixture of White/Brown/Black (What About Green?) Italian/Greek/Sicilian Iberian Peninsula Hispanic North African English/Irish Western European Germanic Ashkenazi Jew Retired Old Coot and Wise Ass Harmonic Singer Jazz/Rock Saxophonist Professional Keyboard Pounding Former USAF Weather Observer/Officer Retired Computer Consultant/Project Manager/Computer Programmer with over 95% of my DNA noncoding and some of that most…… Continue reading You Say You’re What!?

Some Useful UnQuotable Stuff!

So! What Art Though Abstract Art? To me ……. abstract art is all about …… creativity exploration imagination …… using various visual techniques forms colors textures shapes whatever …… not to create a visual portrayal of the real world ….. but a more emotional spiritual visceral insight of life itself …… 🧐……🥴……🤗Tony “The Phony Poet”…… Continue reading Some Useful UnQuotable Stuff!

Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?

Are you going to ‘rag on’ the American Health Care System again!? Of course! It’s so much needed fun. Yes! After decades of arrogant ‘god-like complex’ doctor misdiagnosis complexities! Just give me drugs please spare my kidneys and liver an expensive test or a procedure for sure attitudes. Treat the symptoms the hell with a…… Continue reading Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?