Bees Sting! But Butterflies Are Free!

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.Rabindranath Tagore We chase life like we chase butterflies to snap a picture. We blink and the butterfly is gone. Capture the moment today!Julie Barbera Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Muhammad Ali

Some Replies, Some Thursday Quotes!

When you have little else to post: Procrastination is the story The garage the excuse Don’t get depressed Don’t worry As he slowly Tied the noose! To 1972italy _____________ The Universe is one big song uni – one; singular verse – sung like a song ____________ But: That’s another blog That’s another tear (That) I…… Continue reading Some Replies, Some Thursday Quotes!

Belching and Farting for Better Health!

Just an Expanded Stinky Repost…Somebody Has To Do It!…💨 It will surely set you free especially in an elevator to everyone’s glee! Just push the button to the 101st floor who could really ask for anything more! Brrt, braaah, THPPTPHTPHPHHPH…phhhhhhrt, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, pff, prtrtrtrgurtrufnasutututut, prrrt, PFFT!, PHHhhhh…, SPLPLPLLLP, WHOooooffff, poot, prrrrrrrvt, scraeft, ppppppwwarrrrppppp, pllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooaaa…, … Ahh!…… Continue reading Belching and Farting for Better Health!

All’s Well in God’s World!

Cute Judy Lee:The story of a Crying Kitty as published by Cute Judy Lee in her attached post: All dogs, most butterflies and a few cats do go to Heaven. At least that’s what THEY say! What about squirrelly squirrels? Genesis 1:25 said that after God created the animals, He called them good. Amos…… Continue reading All’s Well in God’s World!

Is it All Just Noise?

“Silence before being born, silence after death: life is nothing but noise between two unfathomable silences.” ― Isabel Allende, Paula And yet the tears and smiles don’t make much noise… THEATREALTAIR

More Senseless Nonsense!?

The Sandstorm ComethYour heart was so ever before thee free to feel safe to see! ………… Walking Toward FatnessIf I stay the current course in a year I’ll be a blimp! 💧…💧…💧………… So Hum … Oh So Hum …… Aum Mani Padme Hum ……… Yankee Go Hum!!! ………… Live In That Moment 👉🏼 🥴It’s hard…… Continue reading More Senseless Nonsense!?

The Agony of Being a Bi-Paw-er Dog!

Especiallyif she be an overly emotional left-pawed Emotional Support Dog! Living with Here’s Johnny From “The Shining” movie Who be Bi-Sicilian! As you probably already know, REDRUM is MURDER spelled backward! As is DLORAH which is HAROLD spelled backward. As Oreo barks “Bow Wow, Oy Vey!”

Beware the Cookie Thief: How Wrong Can She Be?

The Cookie Thief by Valerie CoxA woman was waiting at an airport one night, with several long hours before her flight. She hunted for a book in the airport shops, bought a bag of cookies and found a place to drop. She was engrossed in her book but happened to see, that the man sitting…… Continue reading Beware the Cookie Thief: How Wrong Can She Be?

Da Vinci’s in a Mirror Image Darkly Revisited!

There are three classes of people: those that see, those that see when they are told, and those that do not see… Leonardo da VinciAnd may I add another special class: those bloggers that ‘like…like…like’ even though they only rarely see. And that sometimes was once even me! Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April…… Continue reading Da Vinci’s in a Mirror Image Darkly Revisited!

Through the Cable News Worldview and Politics Darkly!

It seems to me that more and more today, we mostly see the world through our own personal worldview and politics. And we choose our news networks and talking heads the same way!Objectivity be dammed, slammed and thank you ma’am! This, I feel, distorts and obscures our thinking process and provides an imperfect vision of…… Continue reading Through the Cable News Worldview and Politics Darkly!

Why So Many Tree Doodles and Things Do I See?

I looked it up!Trees are symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment; transformation and liberation; sustenance; spiritual growth; union and fertility. Trees are rooted in earth but their crown soars in the clouds! Trees are an important part of Mother Earth and their majestic presence have garnered them admiration from many different cultures. They have played…… Continue reading Why So Many Tree Doodles and Things Do I See?

Sebastian’s Happy, Happy 16th Birthday

Amy Barbera: Happy, Happy 16th Birthday To My Amazing and Talented Nephew Sebastian!Sebastian Barrera is My Heart. He is so smart, kind, caring and has a heart of gold and is the most amazing and talented artist ever! He has a real gift from God with art! Below you will see his amazing artwork that…… Continue reading Sebastian’s Happy, Happy 16th Birthday

What Is Vermilion Sindoor KumKum? …… 🥴

Created the artwork from a scribble and then was curious as to what colors the brilliant red and orange-red were. Hence this post. Like Sindoor in India the art and lacquerware of China…… As powdered mineral cinnabar or the color of a scale insect kermes vermilion…………Between red and rose a brilliant red or scarlet sky……………… Continue reading What Is Vermilion Sindoor KumKum? …… 🥴

A Very Healthy But Mad Royal Doodle!

A glass of lemon water a day may help keep symptoms of anxiety and depression away!And more importantly, maybe even an occasional Doctor and some short-term medications. But Magnesium Lemon Fizz mixed with Green Tea is also an excellent choice! Then, why is that Lemon in the upper-left picture below eating a hotdog with a…… Continue reading A Very Healthy But Mad Royal Doodle!

Hey You! Chill Out. Dude!

Calm down…Hang loose… Loosen up… Mellow out… Settle back… Take ten… or ‘Take Five’ if into Jazz… Take a load off…Unwind… Wind down… But this Grandfather clock doesn’t work any more! ************ “Dude” was once an insult referring to the city slickers just pretending to be cowboys. It’s pretty much a harmless word nowadays of…… Continue reading Hey You! Chill Out. Dude!

Well! Nuts 2 U!

Nuts are good except if they are people! Rethinking Scripture says: Another “nutty” post…Imao! Are you fixated on nuts? I was going to phrase that differently then I decided not to! Hope you understand.

No Escape From Dreamscape!

Deep chambers of memoriesplaces fears hidden knowledge.  Truth obscured in shadows! Your Personal Dreamscape: The recurring landscape in your dreams. Sometimes Stark!Sometimes Illusive – All Too Familiar! A Personal Monster or Two: Maybe cute in a strange way! But cite not because Shadow Man is haunting! Sometimes Vivid and Strange! And if you’re lucky: Lucid…… Continue reading No Escape From Dreamscape!