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Oh Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Dogs seem to make those puppy dog eyes for the benefit of us humans. Yes! They rarely use that entreating facial expression when on their own, a recent study has shown.

It has long been assumed that animal facial expressions are involuntary and dependent on emotional state rather than a means to communicate.

But scientists at the Portsmouth University Dog Cognition Centre of all places have found that dogs mostly use facial expressions for the benefit of us humans, like to get our attention.

Puppy dog eyes, in which the brow is raised to make the eyes appear wider and sadder, was found to be the most commonly used dog expression in this study. Researchers do not know whether the dogs are aware they look sadder, or have just learned that widening their eyes elicits sympathy and affection from us humans.

Men!? Take notice of this on your next date. If it works for animal ‘dogs’ it could surely work for you!

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Do You Want Your Eyebrows Trimmed!?

Ever notice that as men age their hair thins on top, but it grows like wildfire everywhere else!

Eyebrows to their hairline. Growing out their ears, nose and sticking up like trees on the top of their heads.

I say, “Do you want to look five to ten years younger? Get a pair of scissors and trim away, please!”

One time I looked in the mirror and there was a ‘proud as punch’ two inch hair sticking out of my right ear.

I guess because it didn’t want me to walk into a wall or have trouble squeezing through a door.

So! Trim away that hair, please!

When you get a hair cut, say at a hair cuttery, they will ask, “do you want you eyebrows trimmed?”

And I like to reply,

Yes, indeed! Trim my eyebrows. And also scratch my balls! Please!

Not! LOL!

For a cartoon highlighting my point, look at my previous post.

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The End is Definitely Near!


The final battle between the good and evil blogs before the Day of Literary Judgment!

It will be a catastrophic conflict, seen as likely to destroy the WordPress world and the blogging race!

“Pray tell, why the Armadillo?” You ask!

Well! Why not!?


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Tony’s Pasta Beat – Beets!

“I’ll make you a beet meatball you will always refuse!”

Made-Chef Tony Spitsarelli, “The Best Beaten Beet Meatball I Did Never Eat.”‘ (Mob Voices, 1965)

Washing your hands before preparation is not recommended. It does spoil the flavor!

Beat the beet with a mallet, pealing first the beet that is. Firmly hand mix into your personalized meatball as usual. And cook and serve over your favorite pasta and top with la tua salsa di pomodoro piccante ideale!

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Shakespeare for the Insane!

Or is it the inane?


To be 🐝 or not 2 bees 🐝🐝

(It is 👁!)


That 🧟‍♀️ we ☎️ a🌹


If 🎼🎻🎸be the 🍔🍟🌮 of life, 🤾🏽‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🏂 on. The appetite may 🤮, and we ⚰️.


❤️me R 😡me,

❤️😡 R in my 👍🙏🏼.


A 🤡 thinks

himself to be 🦉,

but a 🦉👳🏽‍♂️

knows 👉🏻👳🏽‍♂️

to 🐝a 🤡.


And the band played on

and the world continued to spin

and I continued to post

with 🥔💩🥔 on my chin!


You actually signed the picture?

Now that takes Knutspa!