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Got Them Twosday Supermarket Blues!

Thanks to The Hobby Blogger ………


Got them Twosday supermarket blues
‘cause I always buy … to… two… too… much more than I can ever really use!

Got them ‘rainy-day-come-to-Jesus‘ supermarket blues ’cause it’s them ‘Really or is that O’Reilly’ I’d like, man, not to choose!

Got them depressing, destressing, undressing, “please stop messin’ with me'” supermarket blues. Yes! If I’d could just muchly-on-a-crutchly; like ‘God-Almighty-Holier-Than-Thou’ choose to lose ……

And Finally,

I got them down-and-out, over-the-counter, sailor-take-warnin‘, Damn-Its-Twosday-the-Day-Before-Whensday; “Killin’ Me Softly Where Are My Shoes?” supermarket blues!

Oh! If I could only discover, run-for-cover ‘R’ find a way not them to choose …… Yes! Them I’d really, really, really like to surely or is that ShirleyLose!!!? ……

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It’s Not Easy Being God!🎼

Inspired by my wife, Cute Judy Lee, and Kermit the Frog: exact order uncertain!


It’s Not Easy Being GOD!

He created the Universe and the infinite

number of complex and ordinary things.

But people tend to pass God by ’cause

He’s not out there like flashy

sparkles in the water or

trinkling stars in the sky.

But God’s in the colors of the Rainbow

and on the wind that stirs the trees.

Yes, God is cool and friendly-like

with a heart as big as all the oceans,

higher than all the tallest mountains

and tallest trees, especially

all the Northern California

Coastal Redwood Trees!


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The Goblin Hallow Ghost!

Thanks to hannawylie, Smalltownlore:

Goblin Hallow Murder

On a warm spring day in May, 1859; the settlement then known as Orwell Rear, (present day Lyndale) was left shocked and saddened by the brutal murder 40 year old Annie Beaton.

Globin’s ghost
near the Scottish set-tlement
of Lyndale on Queen’s Road
can give you a real fright
if you happen to
stumble upon
Anne Beaton’s
murder site
in the dark
of the night.

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Universal Sunday Brunch Is Mostly BS!

There is no Sunday in space so imaging Universal Sunday Brunch is definitely a waste!We live in an infinite ever expanding Universe of warped space and time. A Universe of energy, frequencies and vibrations of matter, antimatter, dark matter; and maybe anti-energy and dark energy. Maybe even multiple infinite Universes, dimensions, mirror-images, timelines; and multiple you’s: the good, the bad and the ugly!

As for time: Does Time exist in Empty Space?

No! Time doesn’t exist in Empty Space!

It should …. be understood that Time is not something that is contained in the Dimensions of Space. Everything is affected by Time in the Universe. Spacetime includes”always” – there’s no “before the beginning”, so spacetime has existed as long as space time has existed. And that’s one definition of “always” – as long as spacetime has existed. Since space and time are linked, space has existed as long as time has, so it’s “always” existed.


So as you surely can surmise, about time and space, I am in no way wise!

So as for you,

lighten up

chill out

have a timeless life

in the infinite Universal Zoo

or Universes of Zoos!

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No Escape From Dreamscape!

Deep chambers of memories,



hidden knowledge. 

Truth obscured in shadows!

Your Personal Dreamscape:

The recurring landscape

in your dreams.


Sometimes Stark!

Sometimes Illusive – All Too Familiar!

A Personal Monster or Two: Maybe cute in a strange way!

But cite not because Shadow Man is haunting!

Sometimes Vivid and Strange!

And if you’re lucky:

Lucid almost alive!


There is a way to escape:

a portal to the Light!

But you must




with all your Dream Escape might!

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Some Horsey Folk Quotes ……

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will take you everywhere!

Albert Einstein


Creative thought






Music is basically folk music. Have you ever heard a horse sing? Maybe???

I think a horse was a finalist on America’s Got Talent!



If serious happy thoughts run through your mind. They will definitely show on your face.

You can only live ‘happy ever after’ one day at a time!