Just a Tail of Two Asses!

Question:How do you really know when your typical ‘run for the hills’ politician is being truly honest and telling the trut’ and nothing but the trut’? Answer:When he is surely dead and on display at his viewing! Worldviews, Politics and Stated Policies Aside! ———— Just A Tail of Two Asses!************ Moises Ramos said: What’s funny…… Continue reading Just a Tail of Two Asses!

More Election Year Ladybug Revenge!

A strange, off-colored, sexist man bug under siege!I said birches! Really, I said you’re birches! Yes! Like a John Bircher? No! You represent new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of things to come! Honest to Mother Nature? What’s honest when I’m always under seize?

We Desperately Need Some Adult Supervision!

Last night, we had what can loosely be labeled a debate? I basically heard and, God help me, saw arrogance, rudeness and an ugly, ugly disgraceful face! Are we One Nation Under God or a nation divided against itself, concerning policies, freedom and race? Just an embarrassment and a disgrace? I’m sick of it all:…… Continue reading We Desperately Need Some Adult Supervision!

The Rise of the Politivores!

A newly discovered form of wildlife is causing ever increasing political death and destruction just by labeling others as “this and/or that!” They are mainly found among news media types and on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkln and even blogs and that is …. a fact. They don’t listen … they don’t consider ……… Continue reading The Rise of the Politivores!

The Theory of Blog Devolution!

Charles Dorkwin’s Controversial Theory of Blog Devolution! Blog Devolution is the process of change in all forms of ‘posts’ and devolutionary blogology is the study of how blogs and blog posts devolve. Blogging populations quickly devolve as genetic changes to replies correspond to changes in the blogger’s wiseass traits. These genetic changes include post mutations…… Continue reading The Theory of Blog Devolution!