What’s Up Duck!

Yes! What is really up!? Make Duck’s Great Again… -or- Quack … 2 … 3 … 4!!! Crunch again!!!!

Nothing To Post Today!?

Nothing to Post 😟…✍🏼 Nothing to Say 😷…🙌🏼 Cause very view bloggers 👀…🥴…🤪…😴 Really read it 😍…👓…😳…😛…🥶…☃️ Anyway! 👉🏼👈🏻👆🏾👎🏻🙏🏼🦶🏿🚷⁉️ ************ Boo! … Hiss! … 🤯…🤬…😤…🤧…🤡…🤛🏼… You Say! LOL!? 😂…🤣…🙈🙉🙊…🥀 Scream Out Loud!? 🗣…😫…😡…🥶…👻! •••••• Then Please Mr Mysterious 😜…🦧…💋!!! Go Away!!! Go 2 🔥…🚀🌘…💧⚰️!!! Remember to Vote Today!

Who Raster, Who Raster, Who?

The decline and fall of the cheeky blogger! Speak the truth even if you don’t have a tooth! ‘Here’s Johnny!’ The Shining scene is scariest in movie history, some study claims! Seminal Jack Nicholson scene voted most frightening, but The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street have the edge overall. The Guardian

Have A Comfy, Fluffy, Snugly Day!

Oreo comfy, fluffy, and snugly with her Little Miss Piggy chewy toy! Far from the madding crowd and at a distance on this fine day. To mask or not to mask as the authorities on each side do support or not say! Coronavirus! Eat you heart out! Me? I will just eat a lot of…

Oreo, Precious Oreo!!!

judyscorneroftheworld.com/2020/04/18/oreo-precious-oreo/ Oreo is a special doggie! She is so cute. She loves to take walks with Grandpa! She like to chase lizards. She enjoys laying in the grass. Oreo barks at other dogs cause that’s what dogs seem to do. She also barks at certain people. Maybe she knows somethings that I do not know. Sometimes Oreo likes to…

Do Be a Reader Bee!🐝

Of Other Blogger’s Posts and try sometimes to: Be a Reader… ➡️ Visit Be a Commenter… Leave a Reply 👍❤️ Lol Be Not just a ‘‘Like’ Follower Bee …⭐️ 👈🏼 🤩🖕🏻 Today! Everyday! Be! … 🐝🐝🐝 Do it for a better ‘you’ of it … Do it for your fam • i • ly ……

And Stillness Falls I Fear!

Stillness falls memories fade only lost forgotten dreams. ************ Times of love times of joy fleeting memories even schemes. ************ But love was lost in “the now” time how hopeless it does seem! ************ But when I see your smile again my eyes swell with joyful tears! ************ And the little things again flood my…

Oh, What A Shock!!!

My Dad patted me on my shoulder when I returned from England and my older brother was in shock! ……. You see, this was the most love and emotion from our father that any of us had ever got!

Well? Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt a hand go through you hair and when you opened your eyes there was no one there!? ============ Have you ever awoke and there was a menacing tall dark figure at the end of your bed!? You can’t move a muscle you can’t scream in fear frozen in bed of the…

I’ve Nothing to Prove, Anymore!

Post to the host like posting to a ghost! Words lose their meaning like spirits without souls! Making an effort is becoming tiresome! The scene is getting old! Like Bharath Upendra a sabbatical is needed to heal and soothe the aching soul! Oh So Hum…… Oh So Soul……… I’ve nothing to prove, Anyhow! Anymore! Quoth…

Missing Amy!

judyscorneroftheworld.com/2020/04/06/missing-amy/ Amy is our daughter. I have leg problems. She helps to take care of me. She is very helpful. But she has to stay home so she doesn’t bring us coronavirus. I was going over everything she does for me. Yes! I do miss Amy so very much!

Oh, The Vanity!

Nobody really care about me! Oh, the vanity …… I do Read Write And See! The Rain in Spain Blah … blah …… blah ……… All Is Vanity! Extracted from Artless Art for You and Me!