Let’s Save the Flying Squirrel!

Let’s Fly Together…with open arms in warmth and thoughts of better days! Yes! Let’s Fly Together …in all kinds of weather as pleasant as a pheasant as innocent as a naive! Again, Let’s Fly Together…with an open heart! Let’s Fly Together…to save the day! Let’s Fly Together…to save the world! and lastly…… Let’s Fly Together……… Continue reading Let’s Save the Flying Squirrel!

Another Scribble Me Softly Sunday Has Come and Gone!

How does a random scribble become just warmed-over dribble? Yes! If I only I knew what to say. So scribble me softlyas thus do I begin, no end, another day with my trusty sword by my side or sides proudly singing……🎼🎷🎺 “Onward Marching Woodchucks” Marching to Brunch again as before With the Thought of Cheese…… Continue reading Another Scribble Me Softly Sunday Has Come and Gone!

Whatever Happened to “Honest Hal?”

For some unknown reasons that fathom me…in the 2nd grade some of my teachers and fellow tiny classmates used to refer to me as Honest Hal. Was this just a subtle form of bullying ahead of it’s time, somehow? No, someHal? Now ‘Honest’ was debatable I do feel and I did not do anything to…… Continue reading Whatever Happened to “Honest Hal?”

From “The Bard” on an Abacus to a Nappy Bow-Tied Grey!

Yes! From “The Bard” on an Abacus to a nappy Grey Alien With Top Hat and Bow Tie, Pink this day!Oh yes! Don’t overlook the flowery “whatever” in between! The rest below? Reused art to be seen, for sure! Shakespeare Quotes:By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Open, locks, whoever, knocks!…… Continue reading From “The Bard” on an Abacus to a Nappy Bow-Tied Grey!

A Little Bit Healthy … A Little Bit Not!!

Get your veggie fix:a slice of an orange but leave the cleaning materials to someone else! Yes!!! Ain’t that the truth!?For what it’s worth as I stay aloft with baited breath and lacking teeth and/or to few tooth’s! 🥴 … 🥺 … 🤓 Non-fat milk I hope!(Remembering Leonardo da Vinci – Polymath – I Am…… Continue reading A Little Bit Healthy … A Little Bit Not!!

All That Will Truly Remain!

It’s notWhat you’ve earned It’s notWhere you’ve been It’s notWhat you’ve accomplished When you finally depart! What will truly remainWhat will live on In other people’s hearts Will be the love, Joy and concern You freely gave From your heart……

Oh Woe Is Me, The Van-i-ty!

Nobody really cares about little old me! Oh, the vanity ……I do Read Write And See! The Rain in Spain falls mainly on theBlah … blah …… blah ……… All is Vanity! Or is it just outright In-san-i-ty? Maybe I should try national politics… Extracted from Artless Art for You and Me!

Are They Dreamers or Schemers?

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.Albert Einstein (Tags: dangerous-place, do-something) No Comment?The people’s dream? The media’s dream? The politician’s dream? The world’s dream? The American Dream? No!It’s the one to five percenters reality! ‘Cause…… They don’t dream! They…… Continue reading Are They Dreamers or Schemers?

A Wise Collage to End the Day!

An Owl perched on a dessert and an enchanted pillow •••••• And the usual assortment of emojis pasted in a haphazard, random, unplanned way!Wise is as a wise owl collage does! And I don’t give a chirp, whistle, scream, screech, bark, growl, shriek or hoot!

Influence Painted in Yves Klein Blue!

Is this me? Is that you?Or is it just a very, very few? true-blueadjective unwavering in one’s commitment; extremely loyal I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue patriot I wish I mayI wish I might I wish I be True-blue and Out of sight! 🥴……🤗……👻 The DumbestBlogger did say: Yves Klein Blue! Yes!  That deep blue hue first…… Continue reading Influence Painted in Yves Klein Blue!