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That Damn Cat on the Backyard Fence!

The cat in the sac

the cat in the box

the cat who seems to think he’s a fox.

The cat in the hat

or scurrying across the floor.

The cat that likes to crash into the kitchen glass door.

The cat on his comfy pillow

that thank God

does dutifully use his litter box

as opposed to the floor.

The cat that likes to slumber.

The cat that goes ape shit

at the unexpected sight of a cucumber.

The cat that plays with and kills birds, mice and other furry things for sure.

The cat that would even kill me

if I were short, short

and very close to the floor.

Need I continue?

Need I really say more.

And finally!

I have rarely seen

anything more creepy

out of this worldly

even make me feel squirrelly

than that strange,

seemingly deranged,

damn spooky cat

on my backyard fence!


Quoth the Very Dead Raven, Nevermore!

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What’s It All About … ?

What’s it all about, postie?

Are you just a letter carrier


maybe a precocious kid

scribbling away on the skids?


Is it for the brief thrill that you live?

What is it all about, postie?

To find true-blue followers

bask in their comments?

To earn some fame

believe your funny

even make some money?

Or better yet

briefly savor wild honey?

Be admired

even remembered

in the annuals of blogging history,

hopefully not dismembered!?

Remembered as a postie

with the mostie?🥴


What is it really all about, postie, postie?

If not really to just live, love, learn and kid?

And lastly

to impart

leave a mark

in somebody’s heart

with a sprinkling of your own personal

foxie moxie?

And what is that loony cartoony all about!?

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If the Money is Not There!

I am the American Medical System.

Yes, indeed I am!


If the money is there

I’ll fill you full of drugs

bill your insurance providers

give you the shock of your life!

If you dare protest to much

well, I may even

strap you to a chair!

How nice!


Our motto is

“First, Do No Harm”

you see!

Not, first, maybe, do some good!

Are you kidding me!


If the money is not there,

we may be obligated

to help, you see.

But only

as long

as legally

can be!

So we

give you prescriptions

and bid you ado!

Now look out for yourself

and good luck to you!


So if you fail to do

as I prescribed!

You may

wind up

on the street

where you barely survive!

You beg, steal or use sorrow

to get food, wine

to survive till tomorrow!

You sleep on benches


even warm vents!

The store keepers

call the police

who tell you

‘move off’ that vent.

You eat in soup kitchen’s

at the mercy

of the Goody Good few!

They even play songs!

How nice of them to do!


But eventually

you do something

and it’s back

to the medical hive!

Round and round it goes

until you get sicker

commit suicide


better yet



All because

they first do no harm.

No! No!

Really because

they first do little good!

What a charm!



There is no profit

in cures and solutions!

Only in




modern potions!


And yes,

don’t forget

those costly legal solutions.



stay alert

stay healthy



for your own safety

do take care.



Run For Your Life!

Again beware!!!


if Heaven help you

the money is not there!

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Just Skidoodle Away!

When you’ve run of ideas and have nothin’ really to say.

When you’ve had very little restful sleep in your comfy private hay.

When worries do assault you from here, there, and every which way.

Just pick up a pen and scribble skidabble skidoodle away!

Like I just did …… today.


What is it?

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🌰’s to U!

To my

clickie-click followers



and those

wacky hackers…

To those

that ‘like-click’


rarely read…

To those

that click, click, click


impossible middle-finger speed…

To the sages and sayers


this and that…


do not


raise my hat…


as I will


with all

my mighty might!

I appologentically say

‘Nut’s to You!’




will sleep


for once





Dedicated to the sages of right and wrong blogger Etiquette. Yes! Those who are great with WordPress speech but do not always ‘practice or even reap that which they always preach!’