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Three Sips to the Wind!

A sip of coffee …

A sip of tea …

A sip of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

That’s Three Sheets ………

No! That’s Three Shits to Thee!

Quoth the Squirrelly Squirrel …

Taking a Dump

On the Loo …

Don’t You See!?



In the picture !?

I see the coffee…

I see the tea…

I even see the Squirrelly Squirrel with diarrhea admiring his nuts on Cloud 3-6-9!

You see!?

But where, I do ask,

Is the Whiskey!?


In Me! Don’t You See!?

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Save the Flying Squirrel!

Fly together

with open arms

in warmth and

thoughts of better days!

Fly together

in all kinds of weather

as pleasant as a pheasant

as innocent as a naive!

Fly together

with an open heart!

Fly together

to save the day!

Fly together

to save the world!

And lastly,

Fly Together

Yes, Fly Together

to Save the Flying Squirrel!

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Of Weather Forecasting Cats and Licking Dogs!

Cats are said to wash behind their ears before rain. Maybe because of the drop in air pressure. So next time your kitty or Kitty gives it’s ears a good grooming, check out the local weather forecast.

Can cats talk?

They are believed to have up to 100 vocalization sounds. And cats seem to respond better to women than to men. Could be because women have higher voices.

A group of cats is called a ‘chowder.’ A group of kittens a ‘kindle.’


‘What about dogs?’ You ask.

What does it mean when they lick their whatever’s?

I’d rather not say in mixed bloggery!

But one thing for certain though,

Only The Shadow Really Knows for Sure!

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There is Some Wisdom in Numbers! You know?

Round and around the numbers-go-round we go:

Is it ‘one for the money?’

No! It’s ‘two for the show!’

On three, ‘it’s to get ready?’

No! No! There are four really ready important words in life you know: love, honesty, truth and respect!‘ And add, ‘Steady as you go!’

Why are there so many ‘five ways to do this and five ways to do that?’

Maybe it’s to stimulate our ‘Sixth Sense’ or maybe it’s just pure nonsense!

Have you ever been in Seventh Heaven?’

No! But I once ate there or was it ‘Behind the Eight Ball that I went!?’

Have you ever been really under the spell of ‘Love Potion No. Nine?’

Yes! But most often after drinking a little too much rosy-red Barbera wine!’


To which my wife expectedly asks,

‘What does that really mean!?’

Honey! Just trying to make rhyme!

Not trying to make any real sense!

and as the Koreans might say,

Man, you’re really Number 10!👎🏼

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Rules of Fist!!!

Just a couple tips concerning the much maligned fist!

This my friends … this really sometimes does work!

Want to help remember something?

Well! Tightly squeeze your right fist!

Say what!?

This stimulates an area in the left-brain hemisphere where remembering does reside!

Want to help recall something?

Well again! Tightly squeeze your left fist?


This stimulates an area in the right-brain hemisphere where recall does try to hide!

Want to really get your point across?

Double well my friend! Tightly squeeze both fists, with your arms in plain sight. Extent both middle fingers and run for your life!

Cause that’s where stupidly does surely reside!


Hopefully, a couple of useful ‘rules of thumb.’

No! Rules of Fist!