My Most Sacred Sabbath Traditional Delights!

For telepathic fat catsthose strapped in straitjackets tight swinging “tennis-anyone” racket sights pensive on a Moon-lite quiet lonely night and especially for Heliophilecooksandwrites … and those in dire need of sanitary hand wipes! ************ My Sicilian grandmother’s “most holy” standard Saturday fare was surely not there!

My Dog Just Loves Them Juicy Burgers and Crispy Fries!

Is the Following Politically Incorrect to Animals? My dog just loves them juicy burgers my dog just loves them crispy fries that is why my cute poor little dog She just up and died!********* Cute Judy Lee says:”That sure ain’t funny! You do need more burgers and fries! ********* And that squirrelly squirrelin the tree…… Continue reading My Dog Just Loves Them Juicy Burgers and Crispy Fries!

Die Happy With All Your Poems Pigeon-Penned!

Die happywith your boots on and all of your poems pigeon-penned. As the Lone Ranger of Western fame often said to Tonto. Who then stole his boots and chopped off his head! Yes! Enough said about the Lone Ranger’s now lifeless head! ://///: As for his horse, Silver, or was it Scout? Well, Tonto just…… Continue reading Die Happy With All Your Poems Pigeon-Penned!

Why Did Mom Duck and Her Seven Ducklings Dare Cross the Road?

Because it was there? No! Because that’s what ducks do! Today she has seven cute ducklings Tomorrow maybe five The next day a lucky three And the day after that? Maybe one lonely duckling with momma by her side! Why you ask?People too clueless and crass who don’t have the time or inclination to stop…… Continue reading Why Did Mom Duck and Her Seven Ducklings Dare Cross the Road?

It Was Surely ‘Love at First Bark!’ ♥️💕❤️

Now… Oreo doesn’t cotton toother dogs … you see! When she spots any other dog she goes crazy Havanese! Barking, yelping, pulling at her lease wanting to attack “that other dog” crazy!But when she spotted this one particular white charismatic Shih Tzu dog ……And when he dared to show her his tongue …… It was…… Continue reading It Was Surely ‘Love at First Bark!’ ♥️💕❤️

Some Replies, Some Thursday Quotes!

When you have little else to post: Procrastination is the story The garage the excuse Don’t get depressed Don’t worry As he slowly Tied the noose! To 1972italy _____________ The Universe is one big song uni – one; singular verse – sung like a song ____________ But: That’s another blog That’s another tear (That) I…… Continue reading Some Replies, Some Thursday Quotes!

Just Chasing Those Damn Snakes Away!!!

Today it’s all aboutwearin’ of the green eatin’ of the green and chasin’ those damn snakes away! Happy St. Patrick’s and Corned Beef and Cabbage Day! DAVID REDPATH aptly said:You too, Hal For Saint Patrick’s Day I’m going to watch my favorite Irish movie, ‘Three Men and a Potato!’ Not to mention, thanks to Saint…… Continue reading Just Chasing Those Damn Snakes Away!!!

Ghost Ted Talks and Talks and Talks!

GHOST TED TALKS is a completely senseless, nonpartisan, nonprofit series devoted to spreading useless ideas, usually in the form of short, poorly written and mundane posts. It began, basically today, as a completely nonpartisan, non political blog where Technological, Entertaining and Dumb ideas converge, diverge and merge covering almost all wried topics — from paranormal-spooky science…… Continue reading Ghost Ted Talks and Talks and Talks!

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Then Again, What is it All About, Selfie?

Interesting…thought provoking…and seriously…Inspired by Magellanic Cloud!Of… dark energy, dark matter, dark empty space… So many conclusions … scientific delusions … weary theories made in haste… Some think this, others think that, Oh, their egos, scientific conclusions, it may all be a waste… Yes!? What is the answer? What is it really about? Is anyone really…… Continue reading Then Again, What is it All About, Selfie?

More Senseless Nonsense!?

The Sandstorm ComethYour heart was so ever before thee free to feel safe to see! ………… Walking Toward FatnessIf I stay the current course in a year I’ll be a blimp! 💧…💧…💧………… So Hum … Oh So Hum …… Aum Mani Padme Hum ……… Yankee Go Hum!!! ………… Live In That Moment 👉🏼 🥴It’s hard…… Continue reading More Senseless Nonsense!?

A Poem to be Lived!

Life is a poemto be lived. But maybe now just a rhyme a melody in your head. But better yet if lived nurtured constantly fed in your life journey in everyplace everywhere even in your stead! Then your life will become a beautiful poem You Have Lived!

The Lion Peeks 👀 Today!

In the Jungle, the Restless JungleThe lion peeks they say In the jungle, the wild jungle The lion gets his way! Yes……Near the ocean, the peaceful ocean The lion peeks they say Near the sea, the stirring sea The lion then eats his prey!

What’s Up, Pussycat?

The pussycat meowed frightened a tiny mouse so Lion do beware! And never, never, everget caught in a dream in an exposed flush toilet without your underwear! Woah, woah … woah, woah! What’s NEW Pussycat to You!

Quick Quirky Quotes

On Wednesday No Less:Morning quickies photos clickies let sleepy dogs lickie and lie! ****** Without women there’d be no men without men there’d be no wars! ****** Do what you love… don’t settle for what you don’t!